Ohrbelag! Das unabhängige Musikmagazin auf der Frequenz von Radio Emscher-Lippe Radio Emscher-Lippe

Due to legal amendments that are in effect in North Rhine-Westphalia since the beginning of 2008, Ohrbelag can no longer be broadcast as usual and has gone off air for now. - usch

Playlist 2007

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  Artist Title Album
 Großstadtgeflüster Ich muß gar nix Muß laut sein
 Broken Spindles The Distance Is Nearsighted Inside Absent
 The Faint I Disappear Wet From Birth
 Dakar & Grinser Triumph Of Flesh Triumph Of Flesh
•fusedMARc Contraction Contraction EP
 Andrew Coleman Not A Speculation (with Dose One) Tony Alva's Hair
•Heimstatt Yipotash Sharing Solar Resources Forms Of Hands 06
•Film School 11/11 Film School
 Rain On Bamboo The Man Who Would Be King Sleep & Poetry
 White Daughter C.I.T.Y. Stiff With The Invisible
 Xabec No Disko Using Unused Methods
 Finn Pesky The Ayes Will Have It
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  Artist Title Album
 Delaware The Fourteenth Lost In The Beauty Of Innocence
 Loss Turned Maschinenfest 2005
 Templegardens Lure Maschinenfest 2001
 Marsen Jules Yara 03 Yara
 Kim Hiorthøy Ready 4 Love Melke
 White Daughter Cough/Coul Stiff With The Invisible
 Stereo Total Mars Rendezvous (We Love Janco Mix) Discotheque
 Die Türen Nicht mit den Türen knallen Das Herz war Nihilismus
 Erdmöbel Nichts zu verlieren Für die nicht wissen wie
 Stereo Total Everybody In The Discotheque (I Hate) Discotheque
 Diary Of Dreams Panik Tanz Der Nacht Comp
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  Artist Title Album
 Komputer The World Of Tomorrow The World Of Tomorrow
 Vitalic Newman OK Cowboy
 Hurdy-Gurdy Delirium Prototyp
 Hugo Race & The True Spirit Taoist Priests Taoist Priests
 Belasco On A Wire On A Wire (Promo)
 Strip Music Headlights Headlights (Promo)
 Elkee 102 Zenith Phosphene
 Stilltone Doubt 13 States Of Mind
 Labia Shiva Take It
 Kera Next Shiver One By One
 Leaves Eyes A Winter Poem Elegy EP
 Antichrisis Planet Kyrah A Legacy Of Love
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  Artist Title Album
 Vitalic My Friend Dario OK Cowboy
 Komputer The Perfect Pop Band The World Of Tomorrow
 Salvatore Roots & Weather Luxus
 Andrew Coleman Not A Speculation (with Dose One) Tony Alva's Hair
 Hugo Race & The True Spirit I Know You Taoist Priests
 Stilltone Somewhere 13 States Of Mind
 Kari Rueslåtten Never Fly Away Pilot
 Nylon Wenn ich mir was wünschen dürfte Eine kleine Sehnsucht
 Celebration Lost Souls Celebration
 Labia Unique Take It
 White Daughter Creatures Of The Dust Stiff With The Invisible
 TV Smith Ark Of Suburbia Misinformation Overload
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  Artist Title Album
 Lexy and K-Paul Der Fernsehturm Neue Heimat Vol 3 CD #1
 Vitalic No Fun OK Cowboy
 Komputer Terminus Interminus The World Of Tomorrow
•Scream Silence Harvest Aphelia
 Stilltone When I Look In The Mirror 13 States Of Mind
 Hugo Race & The True Spirit Walker Taoist Priests
•Scream Silence Aphelia Aphelia
 Delaware For What Reason Lost In The Beauty Of Innocence
 TV Smith Bring The Bull Down Misinformation Overload
 Labia Without A Trace Take It
 Stilltone Timebomb 13 States Of Mind
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  Artist Title Album
 Jesus On Extasy Assassinate Me Assassinate Me
•Scream Silence In Every Sin Aphelia
 Letzte Instanz Morgenrot Wir sind allein
 Capricorn We Will Follow On Mercury
•Wendy Carlos Clockwork Black Tales of Heaven and Hell
 Nylon Unter den Sternen Eine kleine Sehnsucht
 Vitalic Poney Part 1 OK Cowboy
 Aluminum Babe Infatuation Smoke In Chinatown
 TV Smith You Saved my Life Then Ruined It Misinformation Overload
 Black Eyed Peas Dum Diddly Monkey Business
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  Artist Title Album
 Christian Dittmann Dub 2 Emporio
 Fernando Lagreca Trip Elisa Colpi Di Sole
 Komputer Valentina The World Of Tomorrow
 Stereo Total Chelsea Girls (Thieves Like Us Remix) Discotheque
 Black Strobe Shining Bright Star (Phones Industrial Version) Black Strobe – A Remix Selection
•Spherical Disrupted Kein (Kein Abschied für immer – Heimstatt Yipotash) Barriere
 Jesus On Extasy Assassinate Me Assassinate Me
 Aluminum Babe Slip Side (Live) Smoke In Chinatown
•Scream Silence Nothingness Aphelia
 Elkee Ego Phosphene
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  Artist Title Album
•Heimstatt Yipotash ¡Ceda El Paso! (Rápido Mix) Elektroanschlag Nº8 (EA Vol.3)
 Cervello Elettronico Electrophobia (Permanent Midnight Remix)
 Strops Noausts No Sviedriem (Vea8versija)
 Talvekoidik Atlas
 The Incredible Three One More Ride
•Spherical Disrupted Lakonisch (Remix - Mandelbrot) Barriere
•S.K.E.T. TGL 200 1750 2005 Hands
 Mimetic Data Destructive Sensitive
 5F-X Forms Of AFX Forms Of Hands 2005
 Orphx Cracktest 2005 Hands
 Xabec Scenes Of A Decay Using Unused Methods
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  Artist Title Album
 Aluminum Babe Losing Control Smoke In Chinatown
 Glorious Strangers Move It Time New York Noise 2
 Belasco The Earth The Earth MCD
 Capricorn On Mercury On Mercury MCD
•Editors Lights The Back Room
 Cryptic Flowers Britney's Piercing Demo 2002
 Elkee Rooted In The Earth Phosphene
 Hugo Race & The True Spirit Unknown 04 Taoist Priests
 Labia Take It Take It
•Scream Silence Riders Aphelia
 TV Smith Not In My Name Misinformation Overload
 White Daughter Nation Stiff With The Invisible
•Daniel Blomqvist Delay Demo Tracks
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  Artist Title Album
•S.K.E.T. Free Nations Do Not Export Violence Forms Of Hands 07
 Norm Freunde
•Mimetic Alive
 5F-X Coordinates E 6°59′0″ – N 51°34′0″
•Nullvektor Endlosschleife
 Wai Pi Wai Le Rythme Sombre
 Xabec Beyond The Borders
 Orphx In Flames
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  Artist Title Album
 Komputer More Automation The World Of Tomorrow
 Sans Soleil Dancing In My Head Boreal
 Taiga Blues Tulips Im kleinen Kreis
 Tang Kai Evangelion Evangelion
 Atomine Elektrine Severance Elemental Severance
•Spherical Disrupted Kein (Kein Licht - Zero Degree) Barriere
•Daniel Blomqvist När Andra Sover Skallberget
 Klotzsch & Sudermann Córylus Avellána Holzlaub
 White Daughter Pendulum Stiff With The Invisible
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  Artist Title Album
 Aluminum Babe Psycho Killer Smoke In Chinatown
 Vitalic Polkamatic OK Cowboy
 Aleksi Eeben To Climb a Tree Remove Branches and Reverse Gravity Spaceman Far Away from Home
 Caretta, Hacker, Millimetric Moscow Reisen (Black Strobe Remix) Black Strobe - A Remix Selection
 Chicks on Speed Fashion Rules! Neue Heimat Vol.3
•Spherical Disrupted Projektor (Remix - Mimetic) Barriere
 Arrial Bitch, Where's The Guns (Lou Teti Backtalk Mix) A Summer Frost And A Winter Thaw
 Taiga Blues Being Static Is Not An Option Im kleinen Kreis
 Tang Kai Sand Castles Evangelion
 Christian Bloch Dawn New Age
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  Artist Title Album
 Metallspürhunde -196°C Amokmensch
 Jesus On Extasy Puppet Holy Beauty
 Celebration Foxes Celebration
 Delaware Wish For Lost In The Beauty Of Innocence
 Capricorn Come Home On Mercury
 Elkee Sparks & Grace Phosphene
•Scream Silence Unspoken Aphelia
 Cadra Ash Sed De Ti  
 Modest Mouse Wild Packs Of Family Dogs Night On The Sun (EP)
 Rocko Schamoni Heart of Plastic Neue Heimat Vol 3 CD #1
 Client Price Of Love Client
 Bern Married Just Married
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  Artist Title Album
 Postscriptum This Is Dynamite This Is Dynamite MCD
 Extended Beat Department Here You Are (Welcome Layla!) Sand Water Sky Part 1 - Sand
 Hugo Race & The True Spirit Ready To Go Taoist Priests
 Festland An meinem Fenster wachsen Blumen An euren Fenstern wachsen Blumen
 Näd Mika Celebrity Electronic Beat Bitch
 Aluminum Babe Long Distance Love Affair Smoke In Chinatown
 Schwefelgelb Mund zu voll Im Galopp
 Velvet Underwear Silver Line Never The Same Again EP
 Tang Kai I Will Lead You Home Fly Away From This Place EP
 Depeche Mode Pipeline People Are People
 Twice A Man Reality Built For Two Fungus & Sponge
 Sans Soleil Zapopan Boreal
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  Artist Title Album
 Näd Mika Schizomatic Schizomatic EP
•De/Vision Flavour Of The Week (Extended Version) Flavour Of The Week MCD
 Colony 5 I Know Refixed
 Depeche Mode Something To Do (Black Strobe Alternative Version) Black Strobe - A Remix Selection
 Velvet Underwear The Same Never The Same Again EP
•Edgey Blood Groove Forms Of Hands 07
 Letzte Instanz Worte brennen gut Wir sind Gold
 Calm Chaos Heroin(e) Melody Of Mokus
 Lampshade It's Okay Let's Away
 News At Six Meet Me At The Movies Meet Me At The Movies MCD
 The Geraldine Fibbers Dragon Lady Lost Somewhere Between The Ear
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  Artist Title Album
 The Prodigy Hotride Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned
 Empusae Seygot Error 404: Metaphorical Loss
 Proyecto Mirage Psycholab Proyecto Mirage
 Sonar Lava Maschinenfest 2005
 Hybryds Xeny Electric Voodoo
•De/Vision Living Fast Dying Young Flavour Of The Week MCD
 Philipp Weigl Wrapped Monsters
 Sans Soleil Dog Shuttle Boreal
 Segue Ah, The Light Shines In … Synesthesia
 Christian Dittmann Signos Emporio
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  Artist Title Album
 1979 Stromschlag Schlagstrom Vol.2
 Proyecto Mirage Catecismo Electrico
 Hybryds Ulunda
 Sonar Chrome Intruder
 Yann Keller vs. Hecate Freeimprovisation
 Detune-X Erosion
 Empusae Niflheim (Godlike)
•P.A.L Agentenfister (Fist Faster Rmx)
 Siamgda Mind Pollution
 Ah Cama-Sotz Kraterh Maschinenfest 1999
 Flint Glass Brain Speaking Machine Nyarlathotep
 Punch Inc. Falling Browler Forms Of Hands 07
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  Artist Title Album
 Näd Mika Peepshowgirls  
 The Darling Buds Burst Pop Said
 Aluminum Babe Marie-Moi Smoke In Chinatown
 Lampshade New Legs Let's Away
 Benfay Breaching The Escarp Born On A Houseboat
 Birdmachine The Fly Room Alle Stillen Völker
 Philipp Weigl Inside The Field Monsters
•Scream Silence My Tenebrous Illusion Aphelia
 Calm Chaos Conversation Melody Of Mokus
 Capricorn Big Drive On Mercury
 Extended Beat Department To The Fire Sand Water Sky · Part 1 - Sand
 Cornershop Butter The Soul When I Was Born For The 7th Time
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Ausgefallen wegen Fußballübertragung
  Artist Title Album
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  Artist Title Album
•The Aquabats Nerd Alert! Charge!!
 Felix Culpa Playboy Duft
 Devendra Banhart Heard Somebody Say Cripple Crow
 Birdmachine Orchard Alle Stillen Völker
 Susanne Brokesch The Emerald Stars In The Sky Emerald Stars
 Tango Crash Otra Sanata Otra Sanata
 Motion Trio Game VI Play-Station
•Klangstabil Piccola Bambina Gioco Bambino
 Laura Palmer Evolve (Marko Fürstenberg Remix) Background
 Sonic Area Dark Ride Elektroanschlag Nº8 (EA Vol.3)
•Herwig Holzmann … Everything From Changing How To Stop …
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  Artist Title Album
 Detune X Purevil (Hardbeatmix) Maschinenfest 2007
 Greyhound Earthstomp
 This Morn' Omina Totemism (Ancient)
 Synapscape Reach Out
 Detritus P = S
 Ordo Rosarius Equlibrio Masturbate
 5F-X 6×10^125m Isn't Correct (Sized Rmx)
 Sonar Wanting Them
•Spherical Disrupted Distance
 Vromb Reve Tourbillion
 Dazzling Malicious Alice im Psycholand
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  Artist Title Album
 Calm Chaos Crush Melody Of Mokus
•Jarboe Red (California Clay Mix) Hy! From Hypnotic To Hypersonic
 Social System A Dream Inside A Dream 100
 Rainbow Kandicaine Book Of Shadows Mind Journey
 Birdmachine Destiny White Alle Stillen Völker
 Detritus Desolate Elektroanschlag Nº8 (EA Vol.3)
 Rainbow Kandicaine Mind Altering Experience Mind Journey
•Some More Crime 10.6.5 Hy! From Hypnotic To Hypersonic
 Veer Greet The World With A Smile 100
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  Artist Title Album
•Twile Sedna (feat. Milja) Traum-A
•Daniel Blomqvist Frost Skallberget
 krill.minima Projektor Urlaub auf Balkonien
•Klaus Schulze Crystal Lake Mirage
•Herwig Holzmann … This World From Turning How To Stop …
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  Artist Title Album
 The Yobs Intro Xmas II
Senseless Lass
•DJ Hidden Here Lies The Confusion (Rmx By Enduser) Maschinenfest 2007
 Tango Crash Evitalos Otra Sanata
•AG Geige Maximale Gier Trickbeat
•The Vandals Oi To The World Oi To The World
•The Slags Need To Be Good Alive, Unchained & Out Of Money
•Cobra Killer Chemie des Alltags 76/77
•De/Vision Flavour Of The Week (Short Version) Flavour Of The Week MCD
 Kera If Only One By One
•Twile Grimalkin Traum-A
 Weigl & Hoffmann Winters Tale Examples Of A Medusa
 krill.minima Einsiedelstein Urlaub auf Balkonien
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