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Due to legal amendments that are in effect in North Rhine-Westphalia since the beginning of 2008, Ohrbelag can no longer be broadcast as usual and has gone off air for now. - usch

Playlist 1999

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  Artist Title Album
 PJ Harvey The Wind  
 Our Heaven feat. Darrin Huss Heaven In Pain  
 Mazeland Secret Desires  
 Schlömer Barbarosh Cantosh  
 Amon Düül 2 Black Pearl Of Wisdom  
 Jå-Mell The Last Supper (le sang dù coer sacré mix)  
 Swandive Finally  
 Lydia Lunch Archives Of Blood  
 Desire Stab In The Back  
 Mind Odyssey Gone  
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  Artist Title Album
 The Caine Take Me Up  
 Mellow Sirens I Get It  
 Carrie Breathe Underwater  
 Desire Stab In The Back  
 Voltaic Power-Up  
 Pail Dumps  
 DeVision Hear Me Calling (Entrusted To Mesh)  
 Doc Wör Mirran Wet, Sweat And Breasts  
 Justin Sullivan Ghost Train  
 Cucumber Men Groß um größer zu sein  
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  Artist Title Album
 Fading Colours Hypocrisy  
 Artrosis Black And White Dreams  
 The Garden Of Delight Procession  
 Pail Infected  
 Voltaic Shockwave  
 The Garden Of Delight Temple Of Wisdom  
 Artrosis Rzeka Istnien (The River Of Existences)  
 Fading Colours Colours  
 Sacrilegium Zagubiona Ciemnosz  
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  Artist Title Album
 The Me-Janes Live in der KAUE  
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  Artist Title Album
 The Gallery A Wave Of Mature Grain  
 Sweet William Show  
 Swandive Finally  
 Lamb God Bless (Wagon Christ Remix)  
 Funker Vogt Civil War  
 Marilyn Manson Posthuman  
 Dreams Of Sanity feat. Tilo Wolff The Phantom Of The Opera  
 Cake Friend Is A Four Letter Word  
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  Artist Title Album
 Tarwater 20 Miles Up  
 Das Zeichen Bah-Bouh-Re  
 Untoten Doom  
 D.N.S. The Killing Grey  
 Temps Perdu? Ayers  
 Vespertina De Profundis  
 Anna Palm & Michelle Chowrimootoo She's Alive  
 Chandeen Skywalking  
 Vespertina Knightengale  
 The Cranberries Promises  
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  Artist Title Album
 Digital Factor Body Beats  
 Elektrosushi Dive  
 Syria The Trial, Parts I & II  
 Dreams Of Sanity Masquerade Act 1  
•AG Geige Hasensong  
 Digital Factor The Mission  
 The Garden Of Delight White Goddess  
 Artrosis Emerald Night  
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  Artist Title Album
 Digital Factor Decisions  
 The Garden Of Delight Spirit Lovers  
 Vespertina The Garden  
 Das Zeichen In The Garden  
 Hanzel und Gretyl Dementia Solaris  
 Young Man Afraid Of His Horses L Song  
 Decay The Shade And Wispered Words  
 Das Zeichen Sih-Mela  
 S.P.O.C.K Star Pilot On Channel K  
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  Artist Title Album
 Dreamlogic Pygh  
 Brainbox Winter  
 No Comment The Wedding Guest  
•Knorkator Weg nach unten (Gaymix)  
 Lacrimosa Meine Welt  
 Wild Strawberries Pretty Lip  
 Digital Factor The Simulant  
 The Galan Pixs Anushka Corazon  
 Stalin Der Tantrameister aus Recklinghausen  
 Cyber Axis The Chase  
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  Artist Title Album
•Knorkator Ma belle fêmme  
 Dark Deadzone  
 Desire Distance  
•Toyah Name Of Love  
 Millenia Nova I'm Dead  
 Aghast View Pay Off  
 Kiss Of Reality Robert's Night  
 Sunday All Over The World Strange Girls  
 Consolidated White American Male '91  
 Digital Factor Perfect  
 Aroma Gold Schonbezug  
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  Artist Title Album
 Endanger In Silence  
 Decay Dancer  
 Funhouse Velvet Kiss (Cherry Mix)  
 Born For Bliss When It Comes  
 Desire Stab In The Back  
 Endanger Die Quelle meiner Kraft  
 Louisa John-Krol The Last Centaur  
 Single Gun Theory Fall  
 Mellow Sirens Haunt You  
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  Artist Title Album
 Digital Factor Mystery  
 Endanger Telling Lies  
 Pail Shadows  
 Kendra Smith Aurelia  
•Mila Mar H'm Ba  
 Louisa John-Krol Alexandria  
•Mila Mar Mila  
 Wohlstandskinder Soap  
 Mr. Ed Jumps The Gun Smoke  
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  Artist Title Album
 Chaos God Chaosgod (Adni)  
 Nightfall The Sheer Misfit  
 Decay Misplaced Day  
•Clan Of Xymox Going Round '97  
 Monster Voodoo Machine Removal  
 Chaos God Orbit / Abyss  
 Bit-Tonic Little Red Riding Hood  
 Vespertina You Are The Fire  
 Naked Lunch Closed Today  
 Cake Sheep Go To Heaven  
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  Artist Title Album
 Converter Denogginizer (synopsis)  
 Spartak Dusk  
 Chaos God Radiant  
 The Garden Of Delight Temple Of Wisdom  
 Nightfall Lowve  
 Lacrimosa Dich zu töten fiel mir schwer  
 Louisa John-Krol Fortress  
 In My Rosary Mirage (female Version)  
 Blockhead Les désirs ardent  
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  Artist Title Album
 Nightfall Diva  
 Decay Working Man  
 Desire There Where Candles Fade  
 Mad Cow Disease Keep Smiling  
 Pail Evil Inside (Debased Mix)  
 Network My Aimless Walk  
 Nude Love Is In The Air  
 Kreidler Objekt Metal  
 E-Craft Play My Game  
 Hanzel und Gretyl Dementia Solaris  
 Wohlstandskinder Ein Tor war es nicht  
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  Artist Title Album
 In Extremo Merseburger Zaubersprüche (Remix)  
 Sweet William Wish (Dancemix)  
 Cranes Clear (Blue Gills Mix)  
 Louisa John-Krol Madame Alchemier  
 Chandeen Before Sunrise  
 In My Rosary Why We Cried  
 Diary Of Dreams But The Wind Was Stronger (Version)  
 Aphex Twin Icct Hedral  
 S For Crime Heaven  
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  Artist Title Album
 Mesh Trust You  
 Decay Trust No One  
 Mellow Sirens What I Feel  
 Endanger Die Quelle meiner Kraft  
 Wolfsheim For You I'm Bleeding  
 Trauma ft. Oez The Virtual Door  
•Toyah Remember  
 Siouxsie & The Banshees Silly Thing  
 In Extremo Herr Mannelig  
•De/Vision Dress Me When I Bleed  
 Quasimidi Virtual Network Travellers  
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  Artist Title Album
 Nordland Shades Of Dreams  
 Love Is Colder Than Death Saaidi  
 Luxa Introduction To The White World  
 Twice A Man Yellow Flowers  
•Dead Can Dance Towards The Within  
 Das Zeichen Douh-Sah-Ra  
•Mila Mar H'm Ba  
 Stereolab We're Not Adult Oriented  
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Special Edition: Das Ich 10th anniversary
  Artist Title Album
 Das Ich Es ist ja Krieg recorded live at the "Kaue" in Gelsenkirchen during the "1st SubLine Dark Wave Night", 14.11.1992
Ein Tag vergeht
Die Propheten
Gottes Tod
Des Satans neue Kleider
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  Artist Title Album
 In Extremo This Corrosion  
•Knorkator 'Buchstabe' (Seelsorge-Micks)  
 Los Banditos Porno Uschi  
 Shady Jane Gamegirl  
 Shauna Skye I Don't Want You  
 Mellow Sirens Where's My God  
 The Cranberries God Be With You  
 Love Is Colder Than Death In Your Presence  
 Katrin Achinger Home  
 The Cowboy Junkies Pale Sun  
 Louisa John-Krol Hide In Your Shadow  
 Michael Brook Breakdown  
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Interview Guests: Red Sky Coven
  Artist Title Album
 Rev Hammer River'o  
 Joolz The Sea  
 Justin Sullivan Ghost Train  
 Rev Hammer Downpressor Man  
 Justin Sullivan Marry The Sea  
 Rev Hammer Ghost Of Walachin  
 Joolz Shapeshifter  
 Justin Sullivan See You In Hell  
 An Cat Dubh Celtic Queen  
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  Artist Title Album
 Love Is Colder Than Death Sun Ra  
 Das Zeichen In The Garden  
 Guano Apes Never Born  
 Los Banditos Django  
•Implant Sect  
 Sonar Second Breeze  
 AMX 40 Meet The Meat Beater  
 Love Is Colder Than Death De Iside et Osiride  
To The Other Side  
 Los Banditos Schlangenfrau  
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  Artist Title Album
 Culture Kultür DNA Slaves  
•Knorkator Schlüpfer  
 Matador Coins  
 Gudrun Gut & Katharina Franck Drip  
 Los Banditos Sabine  
? (unnamed Bonus-Track)  
 Trashmonkeys Pretty Baby  
 Rantanplan Der Panther  
 Tub On A Truck Letzte Wache  
 The Blech So viel geliebt (Pt. I)  
 Untoten Todessehnsucht  
 Matador Hold Me  
 Dynastie Treacherous World (Aggression Mix)  
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  Artist Title Album
 The Yobs Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer  
 Endanger Die Quelle meiner Kraft  
 Condition One Invisible Face  
 Culture Kultür Deep  
 Twice A Man Crane Dance  
 Lost Image Madness (Merciful Xmas Edit)  
•AG Geige Maximale Gier  
 Chaos God Chaosgod (ADNI)  
 Love Is Colder Than Death Nostalgia  
 Cocteau Twins Tishbite  
 Desire There Where Candles Fade  
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