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Due to legal amendments that are in effect in North Rhine-Westphalia since the beginning of 2008, Ohrbelag can no longer be broadcast as usual and has gone off air for now. - usch

Playlist 2001

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  Artist Title Album
 Dreams Of Sanity We.II.Sea The Game
 Shape Of Despair ... In The Mist Shades Of ...
 Hard Pop Schlaflied »Grenzfälle« Compilation
 Reflux Tanzlied des Totenschiffes Hardenberg-Sampler Vol.3
 Max Goldt Die legendäre letzte Zigarette Die Radiotrinkerin etc.
 Silk 99 Feelings Power
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Interview Guests Mila Mar
  Artist Title Album
•Mila Mar Nova Nova
Follow Me (Vision 2000 + 1) Elfensex
Was bleibt...
Maid Of Orleans
H'm Ba Nova
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  Artist Title Album
 Fields Of The Nephilim Darkcell A.D. »SPV Summer Slam« Compilation
•New Trial My King Is Hate Nacht der Illusion
 Sixth Comm Doubt To Death »ElectroCity« Compilation Vol.7
 Louis Tillet Tombstone Eyes Cry Against The Faith
 The Chameleons Indian Strip
 EA 80 Schweigen  
•Invisible Limits Dissonance invisible-limits.de
 Technoir Last Tears mp3.com
 Redland Deathdream Ich muß nun geh'n
 Egoexpress Here Comes The Night (Remixed By Opel Bastards) Here Comes The Night MCD
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  Artist Title Album
 Technoir The Voice mp3.com
 Inferi Amoris Disruption besonic.com
 Code Blue This Way Up ZilloScope 11/2000
 Echophonic Hotel 'Underwater' Hotel 'Underwater'
 Sovetskoe Foto Wasting Taste Sex
 10000 Maniacs Planned Obsolescence Human Conflict Number Five
 Altaïr Fleur forteresse francemp3.com
 Das Zeichen Kamaloca »Cryptichon 2« Compilation
 Redland Wehmut Ich muß nun geh'n
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  Artist Title Album
 Mazeland Serious Recorded Live at the Kaue, Gelsenkirchen, during the "Einheitzbrei" Festival, 03.10.1998
The Mind's Eye
Secret Desires
Pet Sematary (ft. Darrin Huss)
Strange Dreams
So Close
 Technoir Growing (short mix) mp3.com
 Echelon Schwarz Weiß Schwarz Weiß
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  Artist Title Album
 Left Hand Solution Missionary Man Light Shines Black
 Age Of Heaven Machinery Eiszeit - Der Sampler
 Guz Die Geschichte der Welt, Teil 1 Hamburger Bunker Sampler
 Alien Skull Paint Fly With Me Appearing From The Inside
 Tocotronic Morgen wird wie heute sein (funkstörungs mix) Tomorrow Will Be Like Today MCD
 Halo Eclipsed Immanent
 Louis Tillet Window Pane Cry Against The Faith
 Godkiller Wailing ZilloScope 02/2001
 Left Hand Solution Soiled Souls Light Shines Black
 Infamis Water Eiszeit - Der Sampler
 Redland Wehmut Ich muß nun geh'n
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  Artist Title Album
 New Bomb Turks Automatic Teller Nightmare Scenario
 Emils Gavur  
 Schwarz auf Weiß Was treibt dich dazu Supersprint
 Rantanplan Parias im Affenhaus Samba
 Silk 99 Too Much Power
 Left Hand Solution A Road To Nowhere Light Shines Black
 Metallica Nothing Else Matters Nothing Else Matters MCD
•New Trial Die Zelle Nacht der Illusion
 The Crüxshadows Deception ZilloScope 02/2001
 Turin Brakes State Of Things ZilloScope 02/2001
•Impair Lachryme Pavane Lachryme Pavane
 Silke Bischoff Small And Tired Silke Bischoff
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Interview Guests Impair
  Artist Title Album
•Impair Lachryme Pavane (2001-03-19) unreleased
Water Impair
Gate (2001-03-19) unreleased
The Solution Impair
Happy New Year (2001-03-19) unreleased
 Technoir Last Tears mp3.com
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  Artist Title Album
 Big Fish Andar i halsen Andar i halsen
•Hedningarna Min Skog Trä
 Höyry-kone Hyönteiset Hyönteisiä voi rakastaa
 Doughnuts Stuffed With Lies Equalize Nature
 Brazen Crash vitaminic.it
 L7 Freak Magnet Everglade MCD
•The Slags Strychnine Turn On Tune In Drop Out
 New Bomb Turks Point A To Point Blank Nightmare Scenario
 Cream8 Water Feels So Comfortably Warm The Emerald Touch
 Collection d'Arnell-Andrea L'Aulne et la Mort CollAGE
 Alien Skull Paint Strange World Appearing From The Inside
•P.A.L Metrum v 1.2 »InNOVAtion Eins« compilation
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  Artist Title Album
 D'Arcadia Spring Nostrum
 Hell On Wheels The Soda There Is A Generation Of Handicapped People To Carry On
 Was Wa Wa Spielesammlung für die kalten Tage Unsere eigene Geschwindigkeit
 Escape With Romeo Sleep No More Sound Factory Comp. 1995
 Alien Skull Paint Angel Of Death Appearing From The Inside
 Edward Ka-Spel The Forbidden Zone »ElectroCity« Compilation Vol.7
 Was Wa Wa Einverständnis Unsere eigene Geschwindigkeit
•Toyah Turning Tide Ophelia's Shadow
 Joolz Protection Hex
 Alien Skull Paint Difference Appearing From The Inside
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  Artist Title Album
 Evereve K.M. (Most Terrible God) e-Mania
 Tiamat Teonanacatl A Deeper Kind Of Slumber
 Anathema Alternative 4 Alternative 4
 Therion The Quiet Desert A'Arab Zaraq Lucid Dreaming
 Waldeck Slowly ZilloScope 06/2001
 Cromosome Gen-Techno Gen-Techno
 Depeche Mode The Dead Of Night Exciter
 Of The Wand & The Moon Lost In Emptiness ZilloScope 06/2001
•Unloved The Engine / V 2 alleingelassen.de
 Hell On Wheels What Is The Influence? There Is A Generation Of Handicapped People To Carry On
 My Insanity Monument ZilloScope 06/2001
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  Artist Title Album
 Was Wa Wa Irgendwem gewidmet Unsere eigene Geschwindigkeit
 Evereve Suzanne e-Mania
 Fallen Apart Hear My Voice Misereality
•The Legendary Pink Dots I Love You In Your Tragic Beauty Canta Mientras Puedas
 Tiamat Do You Dream Of Me? Wildhoney
 DeathBoy Nothing besonic.com
 Diary Of Dreams To Conquer The Angel's Laugh Cholymelan
 Soap Please Eiszeit - Der Sampler
 Matador Hold Me Sun
 Dominus Of Steel To The Bitter End ZilloScope 03/2000
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  Artist Title Album
 Härtzbrecher Nackt Grausam sein
 Evereve Pilgrimage e-Mania
 The CrüxShadows Monsters Intercontinental Drift
 Coptic Rain The Robots Trans Slowenien Express Comp.
 Anathema Transacoustic Judgement
 Arcana Love Eternal The Last Embrace
 Härtzbrecher Verlorene Kinder Grausam sein
 Diary Of Dreams At The Border Of My Nation Cholymelan
•Mila Mar Follow Me (Vision 2000+1) Elfensex
 Subway To Sally Krähenfraß If You Don't Get Folked... Vol.2
•Hedningarna Höglorfen Hippjokk
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  Artist Title Album
 Eisheilig Vater Unser Eisheilig
 Woodlawn Waiting Save My Soul
Love Will Tear Us Apart Save My Soul
•Scream Silence Greed For Love The 2nd
•Mila Mar H'm Ba Nova
 Diary Of Dreams But The Wind Was Stronger Dion Fortune Sampler 6
 Subway To Sally Henkersbraut Mystica Mysteria Comp. 2
Julia und die Räuber Foppt den Dämon
 The Crüxshadows Leave Me Alone Intercontinental Drift
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  Artist Title Album
 Apoptygma Berzerk Fade To Black Welcome To Earth
 Placebo Pure Morning Without You I'm Nothing
 Madder Rose My Star TragicMagic
 Shivaree Goodnight Moon I Oughtta Give You a Shot in the Head for Making me Live in this Dump
 Old 97's Nervous Guy Satelite Rides
 Los Banditos Haie Am Badestrand Beatclub
 Bobo in White Wooden Houses Dreams White Wooden Houses MCD
 The Rosenbergs Fast Asleep Mission
 The Lemonbabies Nothing I Can Do Dragnet 97
 Hell On Wheels The Soda There Is A Generation Of Handicapped People To Carry On
•The Slags Strychnine Turn On Tune In Drop Out
 The Crüxshadows Marilyn, My Bitterness Intercontinental Drift
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  Artist Title Album
 Secret Discovery Meaningless Sound Factory Comp. 1995
 Evereve Fade To Grey e-Mania
 Clockwork Orange Corridor Horror Spoons In The Suicide Clinic
 Environmental Avengers Your Choice mp3.com
 New Bomb Turks Quarter To Four Nightmare Scenario
 Silver Bullit Running Free Star MCD
 The Creatures 2nd Floor Anima Animus
 Cryptkeeper Five Scream She-Devil Scream Gothabilly - Rockin' Necropolis
 Vampire Beach Babes Gothic Surf-A-Rama Gothic Sanctuary
 Buddy Holly Midnight Shift  
 Cult Of The Psychic Fetus She Devil Gothabilly - Rockin' Necropolis
•Ghoultown Pale Skin Diva Gothabilly - Rockin' Necropolis
 16 Horsepower Black Soul Choir Sackcloth 'n' Ashes
 Tiger Army F.T.W. »Punk Fiction« compilation
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  Artist Title Album
•Stendal Blast Der spanische Mond Alles Liebe
•Rock Rock Chicken Pox I Win, God Kills, You Die Die Grizzly Die!
 Spell Johnny Remember Me Seasons In The Sun
 The Sallyangie Chameleon Children Of The Sun
 Aquarell Der Graben Aquarell
 Süverkrüp/Schwarz Wehe der Erde Erich Mühsam - Ich lade euch zum Requiem
Wir lernten, in der Schlacht zu stehn
 Neil Young Vampire Blues On The Beach
 Fabulous Poodles Pink City Twist / Vampire Rock Think Pink
 Kill Creeps Humanoids From the Deep Rockin' Necropolis
 Phantom Cowboys Transsylvanian Girl Gothabilly - Wakin' The Dead
 Fats Domino There Goes My Heart Again  
 Cult of the Psychic Fetus Cannibal Girl She Devil
 Das Kabinette The Cabinet  
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  Artist Title Album
•Obsc(y)re Forgive Me Forgive Me MCD
•Phillip Boa & the Voodooclub First We Take Manhattan Eugene MCD
 Laibach In The Army Now NATO
 Pail Evil Inside (Debased Mix) Epidemic
 Kreidler Objekt Metal »Counterintelligence Subproject 01« Compilation
 Swandive Bigtrip  
 Halo Is This All? Immanent
 Soma Stygian Vista The Inner Cinema
•Hidden Technology Behaving Like Insects (live edit) dssg-Sampler 2001
 Sorten Muld Dagmar  
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  Artist Title Album
 Rainbirds Just A Simple Matter Boy On The Beach EP
•The Cult Rain 12" Extended Version
•Die Toten Hosen Regen  
•The Go-Go's Automatic Rainy Day God Bless The Go Go's
 Blues trottoir Un soir de pluie  
 Renée Franke und Heinz Erhard Baby es regnet doch  
•Garbage I'm Only Happy When It Rains Garbage
 Strawberry Alarm Clock Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow Incense And Peppermints
•Joni Mitchell Rainy Night House Ladies Of The Canyon
 José Feliciano Rain 10 to 23
 Sanguis Et Cinis Die Braut im Regen Wie der unberührte Traum einer Jungfrau
 Buddy Holly Raining In My Heart  
 Gordon Lightfoot Rainy Day People Gord's Gold
 Lassie Singers Regen Time to say tschüß
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  Artist Title Album
 Proyecto Mirage The Sound Of Desert 2001 Hands Compilation
 Azure Skies Deniability Azure Skies
•Substanz T LSD Astronauten Maschinenfest 2001 Compilation
 Tunnel Serial Woman (Destroyed Remix) Darkbeat Planet
 Synapscape Load (mellow mix) Maschinenfest 2000 Compilation
•P.A.L Freising 0801 Maschinenfest 2001 Compilation
 Synth-Etik Itseh Maschinenfest 2001 Compilation
 Azure Skies Forward Contamination Azure Skies
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  Artist Title Album
•Hedningarna Veli Karelia Visa
 Garmarna Herr Mannelig Guds Spelemän
•Triakel Mjölnarens Måg Triakel
•Wimme Gierran / Enchantment Nordic Ethno Grooves 2
 Sorten Muld Venelite Mark II
 Höyry-kone Örn Hyönteisia voi rakastaa
 Två fisk och en fläsk Barnarovet Jungfruburen
•Amorphis My Kantele My Kantele
 Gjallarhorn Dejelil och Lagerman Sjofn
 Folk och Rackare Vänner och Fränder 1976-1985
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  Artist Title Album
•Inkubus Sukkubus Paint It Black Vampyre Erotica
 Twice A Man Collectors Of Stones From A Northern Shore
•Dead Can Dance Persephone (The Gathering Of Flowers) Within the Realm of a Dying Sun
 My Private Jericho You and Me  
•Michael Rother Karussel ElectroCity Compilation Vol.7
 Ah Cama-Sotz The Corridors Of The Unseen Maschinenfest 2001 Compilation
 L'âme Immortelle Tears In The Rain Wenn der letzte Schatten fällt
 Fisherspooner Emerge Emerge
 Cirian Harte Love Is Strange  
 Soulmate Jack In Summerstreets
 The Hollies Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress Distant Light
•Ghoultown Killer in Texas »Rockin' Necropolis« Compilation
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  Artist Title Album
 Band Of Susans Paint It Black (Instrumental) Now
 Brendan Perry Voyage Of Bran Zilloscope 11/1999
 Djivan Gasparyan Siro Husher - To Eva Heavenly Duduk
 The Jesus And Mary Chain Nine Million Rainy Days  
 Hail Take Me Back Turn Of The Screw
 Contagious Orgasm The Gut-Wringing Machine Maschinenfest 2001 Compilation
 Maria Lux Happy Eclipse
 George Harrison While My Guitar Gently Weeps The Beatles - Anthology Vol. 3
 Raissa Before The World Was Made Sleeping Bugs
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  Artist Title Album
 Lost Image Madness (Merciful Xmas Edit) Madness MCD
 Björk It's Not Up To You Vespertine
 The Yobs Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer XMas II
•AG Geige Maximale Gier Trickbeat
 Derrière le Miroir Nowhere Girl Thieves & Kisses
•Knorkator Weihnachtsschimpfe Hasenchartbreaker
 Novalis Kiss The Devil ZilloScope 12/2001
•Toyah Sympathy Minx
 Montys Loco Downtown Baby Guess It's Fine
 The Moog Cookbook (Just Like) Buddy Holly The Moog Cookbook
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