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Due to legal amendments that are in effect in North Rhine-Westphalia since the beginning of 2008, Ohrbelag can no longer be broadcast as usual and has gone off air for now. - usch

Playlist 2002

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  Artist Title Album
 Foyer Des Arts Neue Freunde Die Menschen
 Die Krone der Gastlichkeit Tamagotschi Das war das
 Quarks Schwerelos Zuhause
 Johnny Bumm 8 «Dem Rhythmus sein Brudern» Compilation
•AG Geige Fingerwalze Trickbeat
 Dickmilchsau Rhythmusesser «Dem Rhythmus sein Brudern» Compilation
•Wumpscut Tschusch Domos «New Forms Of Entertainment» Vol.1
 Dharma Drums Pursy Punch Kumquat Combat
•Guru Guru Der Elektrolurch This Is Guru Guru
 Höyry-kone Pannuhuoneesta Hyönteisiä voi rakastaa
 Bonzo Dog Band We Are Normal The Doughnut In Granny's Greenhouse
•The Legendary Stardust Cowboy Stealth Cowboy Retro Rocket Back To Earth
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  Artist Title Album
 Cult Of The Psychic Fetus Cannibal Girl She Devil
•Inkubus Sukkubus Lucifer Rising Supernature
 Christian Death Nazi Killer All The Hate
•Wolf Venom Black Wings
 Psychopunch Pleasure Kill Original Scandinavian Superdudes
•Sumerland Morpheus (Repraise) ZilloScope 12/2001
 Bo Hansson Excursion With Complications Magician's Hat
 Mari Boine Gula Gula Eallin
 Maria Lux Crazy Eclipse
 Somnambul No Way Out ZilloScope 12/2001
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  Artist Title Album
 The Mission The Light That Pours From You ZilloScope 12/2001
 Tagismâr Flucht ... oder der (Alp-)Traum, einmal anders zu sein ...
 Underworld Moaner Batman and Robin Soundtrack
 Day One Autumn Rain Ordinary Man
 Silke Bischoff Small And Tired Silke Bischoff
•Spherical Disrupted Prophylaxe Entsorgung
 f/a/v Wir sehen uns wieder www.repulsive.de
 Sonar Down Your Head «Maschinenfest 2001» Compilation
 Die Krone der Gastlichkeit Entschuldigen Sie Das war das
 Fred Frith Jigsaw Coda The Technology Of Tears
 Seafood Pleasurehead ZilloScope 12/2001
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  Artist Title Album
 Lunastoy Endorphin Pleasure Park
 Technoir Growing (short mix) mp3.com
 Tagismâr Phallus Equii ... oder der (Alp-)Traum, einmal anders zu sein ...
 John Paul Jones The Thunderthief The Thunderthief
 The Jesus And Mary Chain Nine Million Rainy Days  
•Toyah Our Movie Sheep Farming In Barnet
 Eight Ball Grifter Spit on My Grave Rockin' Necropolis
 John Paul Jones Freedom Song The Thunderthief
 The Real McKenzies Scots Wha Hae  
 Marky Ramone Fuck Shit Up! No If's, And's Or But's
 Eternal Tears Of Sorrow Fall Of Man A Virgin And Whore
 Fat Kids On Mopeds Skank Now Apocalypse Later  
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  Artist Title Album
 Peaches Fuck the Pain away  
•J.Falcodino & D.Saltamarea Pio (set the bios) spazioweb.inwind.it
 Joy Division Ice Age  
 Garmarna Herr Holger Guds Spelemän
•Hedningarna Návdi/Fasa Hippjokk
 Geekbat Los Alamos Fill'er Up
 Cex The Angels Are There Role Model
 Neu! Jahresüberblick (3. Lieber Honig) Neu!
 Florence Foster Jenkins The Musical Snuff-Box The Glory (????) Of The Human Voice
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Interview Guests: Garmarna
  Artist Title Album
 Garmarna Gamen (Vulture) Vedergällningen
Herr Olof Garmarna
Herr Holkin Vedergällningen
Viridissima Virga Hildegard von Bingen
Vänner och Fränder Guds Spelemän
Min Man Guds Spelemän
Euchari Hildegard von Bingen
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Interview Guests: Cinema Strange
  Artist Title Album
 Cinema Strange Aboriginal Anemia  
En Hiver  
Greensward Grey  
Time Goth Oddity
Lindsay's Trachea  
Speak Marauder  
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  Artist Title Album
 Dharma Drums Ma Chére Kumquat Combat
 V-Sor, X Prey Room A Strip Of Light But Still Too Dark
 Smersh She Is Nervous  
 OoF! Irgendwas mit Holz Na, wie war ich?
 Les Reines Prochaines Opfer Dieses Liedes Le Coeur en beurre/doublegras
 Vive la fête Attaque surprise Attaque surprise
•The Legendary Pink Dots When I'm With You  
 mia. Factory City (Elektropunk Remix) «Future 80s» Compilation
 Peaches Diddle My Skittle  
 Vive la fête Toyko Republique populaire
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  Artist Title Album
 Lucyfire Thousand Million ZilloScope 04/2001
 18 Summers Heavenly Creatures Virgin Mary
 Visage In The Year 2525  
 Das Ich Garten Eden anti'christ
 The Sisters Of Mercy Gimme Shelter  
 Cadillac Fire In The Hole Cure
•Ai Phoenix This Is Close The Driver Is Dead
 mia. Factory City  
 Vive la fête Lemon Incest Republique populaire
 18 Summers Turn Off The Radio Virgin Mary
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  Artist Title Album
 Nik Page Shape My Name ZilloScope 4/2002
 Mesh Firefly ZilloScope 4/2002
•Bettie Serveert Venus In Furs Bettie Serveert Plays 'Venus In Furs'
 The Hellacopters Venus In Force Grande Rock
 My Orchard Something New 5 Years Long And As Tall As A Dream
 Family Be My Friend Music In A Doll's House
 Santana Put Your Lights On Supernatural
 Cadillac Girl Cure
 Homer Erotic King Of The Ghosts Homerica The Beautiful
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  Artist Title Album
 Helium Vola Do Tagte Ez WGT-Compilation 2002
 Hagalaz Runedance The Dawning  
 Synapscape White Trash «Maschinenfest 2001» Compilation
 Asche Your Bomb (V2) «Maschinenfest 2000» Compilation
 Niowt Venus Loverboy
 Diamanda Galas & John Paul Jones Devil's Rodeo The Sporting Life
 Technoir Last Tears Groundlevel
•Goethes Erben Teil der Macht zur Gewalt «Bombige Zeiten» Compilation
•Stendal Blast Abgesang «WGT 2002» Compliation
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  Artist Title Album
 Edward Ka-Spel Laughing Venus The Scriptures Of Illumina
 Aboyandagirl Venus  
 Swandive Venus  
 Synthesized Sunshine Venus Quasimedusa The Sounds of Cosmic LifeForm
 Marc Bolan Venus Loon Change - Alternate Zinc Alloy
 Marquee Moon Venus  
 Veruca Salt Venus Man Trap  
 Blue Dreams and Tambourines Venus  
 Gwenmars Venus Driving A Million
 Shocking Blue Venus (live) «Die vier großen Hits» Double-7"
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  Artist Title Album
 Pink Turns Blue Touch The Skies  
 Grant Lee Philips Love's A Mystery ZilloScope 05/2002
 San Dimas I Can Fly (Radio Edit) «I Guess I Can't Save Myself» Promo-MCD
 Wyvern The Liquid And The Metal No Defiance Of Fate
 Moonchild Devils Raising Hell ZilloScope 05/2002
 Y-Luk-O Ecstasy ZilloScope 05/2002
 Technoir Requiem Groundlevel
•Invisible Limits A Message Familiar!
 Sadovaja The Law ZilloScope 05/2002
 Götterdämmerung Echoes of Despair www.listen.to/gotterdammerung
 Cinema Strange Legs And Tarpaulin  
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This includes a re-issue of the first Ohrbelag! show of July 6th, 1992
  Artist Title Album
•Toyah The Woman Who Had An Affair With Herself Ophelia's Shadow
 Anna Palm Masquerade Arriving And Caught Up
•Toyah Walkie Talkie I Want To Be Free 7"
 Kevin Coyne Happy, Happy Romance Romance
 Escape With Romeo Ghost In My Head Autumn On Venus
•Toyah Brilliant Day Ophelia's Shadow
 Soulfly Seek 'n' Strike ZilloScope 07/2002
 Wyvern The Power Of Wyvern No Defiance Of Fate
 Butthole Surfers Venus After the Astronaut
 Collection d'Arnell Andrea Aux glycines défuntes ZilloScope 07/2002
 Technoir Fragile Groundlevel
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Interview Guests: Technoir
  Artist Title Album
 Technoir Blaze Groundlevel
Requiem Groundlevel
 Mazeland Secret Desires The Tragedy's First Chapter
 Technoir Sorrow And Fiction Sea Level
Fragile Groundlevel
Last Tears (1999) mp3.com
The Voice mp3.com
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  Artist Title Album
 Starfighter About You Promo
 OoF! Wo bleibt mein Völlegefühl Na, wie war ich?
 Shape Shifter Whirld Shape Shifter
 Chandeen My World Depends On You Bikes And Pyramids
 Maria Solheim The Last Waltz ZilloScope 05/2002
 Alphaville Those Were The Days Dreamscapes 8
 Remo Park Vivid Hours ZilloScope 07/2002
 Dot Allison You Can Be Replaced ZilloScope 07/2002
 Claudine Longet Wanderlove Claudine
 Chandeen Heute Nacht Bikes And Pyramids
 Crowded House Private Universe Together Alone
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Dropped because of technical problems at R.E.L (their DAT player would not accept the tape) :-(
  Artist Title Album
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  Artist Title Album
 Melotron Wir sind ZilloScope 09/2002
 mia. Machtspiele Hieb & Stichfest
 2raumwohnung Sexy Girl Kommt zusammen
 Der Liederkranz Stadtlied Stereo
 Tarwater Be Late ZilloScope 09/2002
 Sono 2000 Guns ZilloScope 09/2002
 Mlada Fronta XB 33 High Tension
•Klangstabil Anti-Communication Maschinenfest 2000
•Ai Phoenix Institution The Driver Is Dead
 Backworld Of Silver Sleep Of Silver Sleep
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  Artist Title Album
 Sunday All Over The World Strange Girls Kneeling At The Shrine
 Kleenex U (Angry Side) «Lipstick Traces» Compilation
 Salinos Der Sonntagmorgen nach der Samstagnacht Du siehst nicht aus wie ich ausseh
 S.I.N.A Mein Stern «2001 Hands» Compilation
 Vive la fête Attaque Surprise Attaque Surprise
 Homer Erotic Late 20th Century Sexuality Homerica The Beautiful
 Technoir Prelude Groundlevel
 2raumwohnung Bleib geschmeidig Kommt zusammen
 Cranes Clear (Ring tailed snorter mix) Forever Remixes EP
 Secret Sin Simple Girl Château De Joie
 Michelle Shocked Looks Like Mona Lisa Captain Swing
 mia. Alles neu Hieb & Stichfest
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  Artist Title Album
 Groovie Ghoulies Fun In The Dark Fun In The Dark
 Eight Ball Grifter Vampire Gothabilly - Rockin' Necropolis
 The Mummies The Thing From Venus  
 King Missile Detachable Penis  
 Nejet'Nok After Stars Fall Assaï
 Chandeen To The Wild Roses (Live) My World Depends On You MCD
 Shock Therapy Hate Is Just A Four Letter Word  
 Alien Levi The Giddy Edge Of Time  
•Ai Phoenix Snow And Light The Driver Is Dead
 Cell Division Skin Fetish Dissolve
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  Artist Title Album
 mia. Kill For You Hieb & Stichfest
 Psychopunch The Zyko P Insanity The Pleasure Kill
 Lithium Cold Cold
•The Legendary Pink Dots When I'm With You  
 The Charlottes Venus  
 Kim Deal & Robert Pollard Love Hurts Love & a .45
 Lithium Never Be The Same Cold
 Secret Sin Was bleibt Château De Joie
 Hagalaz Runedance Hel - Goddess Of The Underworld WGT-Compilation 2002
 mia. Heroes Hieb & Stichfest
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  Artist Title Album
 Apoptygma Berzerk Bitch  
•Clan Of Xymox There's No Tomorrow (album version) There's No Tomorrow MCD
 Metropolis h.c. Menschen  
 DIN-A-Testbild Greifswald Leipzig & Coca-Cola
 Environmental Avengers Deadman  
 Cryptic Flowers Different (Rough-Mix) Demo
 Susan Voelz Ode To Billy Joe  
 Lithium Cold Cold
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  Artist Title Album
 Monster Magnet Dead Christmas Dopes To Infinity
 Insane Clown Posse Santa's A Fat Bitch  
 Peter And The Test Tube Babies I'm Getting Pissed For Christmas Alien Pubduction
 Gehennah Merry Shitmas No Fucking Christmas
 Sadist Christmas Beat Crust
 Deadbolt Post Office Christmas Party  
 Coil Christmas Is Now Drawing Near Winter Solstice - North
 Melt Banana White Christmas  
 Of Montreal Christmas Isn't Safe for Animals  
 Jethro Tull A Christmas Song The Anniversary Collection
 Tom Waits & Peter Murphy Christmas Sucks Boy, Get That Stocking out of My Mouth
 Cocteau Twins Frosty The Snowman Snow
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  Artist Title Album
 Cocteau Twins Winter Wonderland Snow
 The Yobs Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer Xmas II
 Mushroom Tabernacle Choir The Twelve Drugs Of Christmas  
•AG Geige Maximale Gier Trickbeat
 Gehennah Sathana Claus No Fucking Christmas
 Sex Pistols Punk Rock Christmas  
 Insterburg und Co Weihnachtsblues Musik im Eimer
 Arrogant Worms Dad Threw Up On Christmas Day  
 Vandals My First Xmas As A Woman  
 Shonen Knife All I Want for Christmas  
 T-Rex Christmas Bop A Wizard, A True Star
 Jacob Miller & Ray-I Natty No Santa Claus Natty Christmas
 Voodoo Glow Skulls Feliz Navidad Exitos Al Cabron
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