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Playlist 2000

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  Artist Title Album
•Knorkator 'Buchstabe' (Schweineorgel-Stumpen-Micks) 'Buchstabe' MCD
 Culture Kultür On/Off DNA Slaves
 Digital Factor The Mission Over One Million Times
 Love Is Colder Than Death De Iside Et Osiride Atopos
•Mila Mar H'm Ba Nova
 Left Hand Solution Fevered Fevered
 Los Banditos Modul 47 Modul 47
 Chaos God Radiant 3001
 Das Zeichen In The Garden Aufgewacht
 Artrosis Emerald Night Hidden Dimension
 Nude Love Is In The Air Counterintelligence - Subproject 01
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  Artist Title Album
 Inscape Queenbee ZilloScope 11/1999
 Gudrun Gut + Anita Lane Firething Members Of The Ocean Club
 Festival der Geisteskranken Liebling von Göttern »Hat Megatonnen Gift in sich« Compilation
•Toyah Thunder In The Mountains The Changeling
 Diorama Leaving Hollywood ZilloScope 11/1999
 Hekate Heckers Traum Hambach 1848
 Breathe Fallen Angel ZilloScope 11/1999
 Consolidated Friendly Fascism Friendly Fascism
 Trauma ft. Oez The Virtual Door E-Beat - Biosphere Side
 Pulp Live Bed Show (Extended) Live Bed Show MCD
 Lisa Gerrard Ajhon The Mirror Pool
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  Artist Title Album
 Appliance Enjoy Your Nutrition ZilloScope 11/1999
 Fallen Apart Dependence Resistance Dependence Defeat
 Decay Downstairs Rise Downstairs Rise
 Kissing The Pink Watching Their Eyes Naked
 Derrière le Miroir Heaven Thieves & Kisses
 Demolition Group The Model Trans Slowenien Express
 Ja-Mel The Last Supper (Liturgy 2000 / le sang dù coer sacré mix) The Last Supper MCD
•Toyah I Am Anthem
 Untoten An einem Strang! »Hat Megatonnen Gift in sich« Compilation
 Fallen Apart Great King Misereality
 Los Banditos Pössneck Modul 47
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  Artist Title Album
 Front Line Assembly Corruption FLAvour Of The Weak
 Exit 100 Liquid Rauschen 10
 Soma Corporate Anthem Part 2 Hollow Earth
 Ultrahigh The Revenge Of The Maya Gods Rauschen 10
 Front Line Assembly Evil Playground FLAvour Of The Weak
 Quarks Alle Dinge Leben Zuhause
 Gudrun Gut & Jovanka von Willsdorf Diving Members Of The Ocean Club
 Soma Dark Koma Hollow Earth
 Space Cube Kool Killer Rauschen 10
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  Artist Title Album
 Dominus Of Steel To The Bitter End ZilloScope 03/2000
 Inferi Amoris Schwarzer Engel www.besonic.com
 Recoil Want ZilloScope 03/2000
 Cryptic Flowers Fear Of Homeless mp3.com
 The Nefilim Melt Zoon
 Soma The Subterranean Hollow Earth
 Headbangin' Indians Mbala Mkolo Lle Indians für Fünfmark
 Cryptic Flowers Lack Of Concentration Cryptic Flowers
 Headbangin' Indians Lies Indians für Fünfmark
 Cadra Ash Call To Rememberance www.besonic.com
 Car & Driver Disco Award Rauschen 10
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  Artist Title Album
 Fallen Apart Hey Friend Resistance Dependence Defeat
 Abused but Amused Visitors mp3.com
 The Essence Death Cell A Monument Of Trust
 The Cure Out Of This World Bloodflowers
 Lowlife June Wilson San Antorium
 VNV Nation Serial Killer ZilloScope 07/1998
 No Skillz Mekka ZilloScope 03/2000
 The Cure Watching Me Fall Bloodflowers
 Los Banditos Los Banditos Modul 47
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Interview Guests: Abused But Amused
  Artist Title Album
 Abused But Amused Ocean Abused But Amused
Fields Of Grey
 Matador Stop! In The Name Of Love Sun
 Abused But Amused At The Corner Abused But Amused
Hard To Please (live) 10. Hardenberg-Festival, Mülheim 11.03.2000
•Knorkator 'Buchstabe' (Ell-Peh-Micks) 'Buchstabe' MCD
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  Artist Title Album
 Carnival Of Souls Lipka's Hirn Emozioni
 The Flynns You Make Me Scream Dem Rhythmus sein Brudern
 Graue Zellen Was war und was ist Krauts
 I Mother Earth Summertime In The Void (Radio Edit) Summertime In The Void MCD
 Matthew Good Band Hello Time Bomb (Clean Edit) Hello Time Bomb MCD
 Monaco X Gezeiten Gezeiten
 Haus Arafna Blood Trilogie des Blutes
 Carnival Of Souls Bellerophon Emozioni
 The Cure 39 Bloodflowers
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  Artist Title Album
•The Breath Of Life Silver Sky Silver Drops
Blooming Sky
 Sunday All Over The World Strange Girls Kneeling At The Shrine
 Love Like Blood Love Kills Enslaved + Condemned
 Abused but Amused Fields of Gray mp3.com
 Love Like Blood 7 Seconds Enslaved + Condemned
 Paul Weller Bang Bang He's The Keeper MCD
 Graue Zellen Jeder Tag Krauts
•The Breath Of Life Her World Silver Drops
 Hekate Die Gedanken sind frei Hambach 1848
 To Rococo Rot He Loves Me Veiculo
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A Toyah Willcox special on the occasion of Toyah's birthday on May 18th
  Artist Title Album
•Toyah Ophelia's Shadow Ophelia's Shadow
Tone Poem Dreamchild
The Packt The Changeling
 Kiss Of Reality Fret + Tap Kiss Of Reality
•Toyah Revive The World Desire
Restless Prostitute
•De/Vision Dress Me When I Bleed Unversed In Love
•Invisible Limits Liars familiar!
•Toyah The Vow Love Is The Law
Victims of The Riddle (Vivisection) Sheep Farming In Barnet
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  Artist Title Album
 Aisenmond Schattenland Erare
•Nightwish Whishmaster Whishmaster
 Madre Del Vizio Regno Dio! Dio! Dio!
 Faith And The Muse Plague Dance Evidence Of Heaven
 Love Like Blood Like A Bird Enslaved + Condemned
•Toyah Disappear Dreamchild
 Taras Bulba Die Wahrheit Sketches Of Babel
 Faith And The Muse Patience Worth Evidence Of Heaven
•Nightwish Two For Tragedy Whishmaster
 Current 93 + Nick Cave All The Pretty Little Horses All The Pretty Little Horses
 Soma Hollow Earth Hollow Earth
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  Artist Title Album
 Access Denied Venus ZilloScope 6/2000
 Faith And The Muse Scars Flown Proud Evidence Of Heaven
•The Breath Of Life Her World Silver Drops
 Astrea Redux Gardendoor ZilloScope 3/2000
 Toshinori Kondo's IMA The Day After Taihen
•Invisible Limits A Message (Conga Mix) Familiar
 Cadra Ash Gods www.besonic.com
 Dreadful Shadows Dead Can Wait Estrangement
 Rantanplan Der Panther Köpfer
•The Breath Of Life Silver Sky Silver Drops
 AR006351 Home Album
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  Artist Title Album
 Faith And The Muse Shattered In Aspect Evidence Of Heaven
 Cadra Ash Call To Rememberance www.besonic.com
 Another Tale Hey H.B. Once
 Mindrot Anguish Dawning
 After Forever Follow In The Cry ZilloScope 6/2000
 Dreadful Shadows Dead Can Wait Estrangement
 Another Tale Hellfire Tourist Once
 Gitane Demone Solitary War Stars Of Trash
 Panic On The Titanic Aggression »Helvetic Art« Compilation
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  Artist Title Album
 We. If I Could See We.
 Bakterielle Infektion Duroplast Dreamless
 Turner Transiermaschine Disappearing Brother
 Nejet'Nok Jerk In Joy Assaï
 Bizarre Leidenschaft Störung Geheimnis
 B-Ton-K Vortex »Innovation Eins« Compilation
 Krisma Many Kisses (Tirana Love Lunch) Cathode Mamma
 We. Another Visitor We.
 Yellow Magic Orchestra Firecracker ×∞ Multiplies
 Bakterielle Infektion In Parallel Dreamless
 La Dolce Vita Trommeln in der Nacht Bitte Lächeln
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  Artist Title Album
 Suspiria Night Time New Alternatives III
 Mondblut Aus dunklem Schlafe »Innovation Eins« Compilation
 Mo Rote Rosen www.besonic.com
•The Breath Of Life Blooming Sky Silver Drops
 Children Of No Return My World Looking Back In Anger
 Monaco X Phoenix aus der Asche Gezeiten
 Tocotronic Jackpot k.o.o.k.
 Foyer Des Arts Zwei Refrains Die Menschen
 We. Bend Me! We.
 Turner Disappearing Brother Disappearing Brother
 Tiamat Do You Dream Of Me? Wildhoney
 D'Arcadia Seven Veils Nostrum
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  Artist Title Album
 Dreadful Shadows Homeless (Cyberedit) Homeless E.P.
 Mondblut Ein ferner Gruß Angsterfülltes Morgen
 Inferi Amoris Schwarzer Engel Praesagitio
•Spherical Disrupted Orbitabodenfraktur Entsorgung
 Grobschnitt Traum und Wirklichkeit Jumbo
 Kissing The Pink Watching Their Eyes Naked
 Xmal Deutschland Begrab mein Herz Tocsin
 Therion Deggial ZilloScope 3/2000
 Die kastrierten Philosophen All Truth Is A Tale Souldier
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  Artist Title Album
 Bel Canto Summer Shimmering, Warm And Bright
 Dreams Of Sanity The Phantom Of The Opera Masquerade
•Toyah Elusive Stranger Sheep Farming In Barnet
 Patricia Morrison Saviours Reflect On This
 Nekromantik Children Go Bang New Alternatives III
 Bohren & der Club Of Gore Black City Skyline Sunset Mission
 Djivan Gasparyan Aravot Luso Heavenly Duduk
 Márta Sebestyén Szerelem, Serelem Apocrypha
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  Artist Title Album
 Moonchild Never More Third
 Siouxsie & The Banshees The Passenger  
 Silk 99 How Can I Power
•Toyah Elocution Lesson Anthem
 Doc Wör Mirran Elfengrund Revisited Elfengrund
 Pink Floyd Julia Dream Relics
 Tub On A Truck Letzte Wache Wo ist zuhause Mama - Perlen deutschsprachiger Popmusik #1
 Leichenwetter Ophelia Neues Leid
 Dreams Of Sanity And So (I Walk On) The Game
 Bürlitz In The Dead Of The Night Sleep Softly Mary 12"
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  Artist Title Album
 In Extremo Werd ich am Galgen hochgezogen Mystica Mysteria Comp. II
 Tanzwut Tanzwut (Single Edit)
•Triakel Oräntad Bröllopsgäst Triakel
 Susan McKeown A Mhàire Bhruinneall Bushes & Briars
 Bel Canto Blank Sheets White-Out Conditions
 Dreams Of Sanity The Beginning That Lies The Game
 Gaë Bolg La Marche Des Morts Mystica Mysteria Comp. II
 Lussia From Chaos To Order Fleur de mandragore
 The Chameleons Less Than Human Strip
 Ayeron Valley Of The Queens Into The Electric Castle
 Phil Shöenfelt & Southern Cross A Dialogue Between The Soul And Body Dead Flowers For Alice
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  Artist Title Album
 Dreadful Shadows Twist In My Sobriety (Version) Twist In My Sobriety MCD
 Toyah & Fripp The Lady Or The Tiger (Teil 1) The Lady Or The Tiger
 The Chameleons Here Today Strip
 Toyah & Fripp The Lady Or The Tiger (Teil 2) The Lady Or The Tiger
 Soap Please Eiszeit - Der Sampler
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  Artist Title Album
 Synapscape Load (Mellow Mix) Maschinenfest-Compilation 2000
 Winterkälte Nowaja Semlja (Prohibited Area) Vertigo Compilation 4/96
 Kirlian Camera The Desert Inside »Innovation Eins« Compilation
 Phil Shöenfelt & Southern Cross Dead Flowers For Alice Dead Flowers For Alice
 Christan Death I Hate You All The Hate
•Mila Mar Elfensex Elfensex
 Fallen Apart Great King Misereality
 Backworld Leaves Of Autumn ZilloScope 3/2000
 Gryphon Fall Of The Leaf Treason
 Bel Canto White-Out Conditions White-Out Conditions
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  Artist Title Album
 Secret Sin Ode To A Friend »Innovation Eins« Compilation
 Mari Boine Band Ethno Jenny »Cryptichon 2« Compilation
•Hedningarna Veli Karelia Visa
 Loop Guru Bangdad Music For The 90s Vol. 6
 Egoexpress Here Comes The Night (Revisited By Thomas P. Heckmann) Here Comes The Night MCD
 Alien Skull Paint Fly With Me  
 Nejet'Nok Emerge Assaï
 Twice A Man Simple Patterns From A Northern Shore
 Tocotronic Morgen wird wie heute sein (Turners leiser Atem mix) Tomorrow Will Be Like Today MCD
 Turner Lord Stripper Disappearing Brother
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  Artist Title Album
 Claire Voyant Heaven Knows Claire Voyant
 Louisa John-Krol The Valley Of Seven Keys Alexandria
 Adversus Des Regens Kälte www.adversus.de
 Kult Fortsetzung folgt www.besonic.com
 Aisenmond Seelenfeuer Erare
 Le Cri Du Mort Autumn Day Le Cri Du Mort MCD
 Echelon Sternenmeer Schwarz Weiß
 Dynastie Time To Reflect Alteration
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  Artist Title Album
 Onkel Tom Angelripper Ich glaub' nicht an den Weihnachtsmann Ich glaub nicht an den Weihnachtsmann
•AG Geige Maximale Gier Trickbeat
 Márta Sebestyén Betlehem, Betlehem Apocrypha
 Tori Amos Winter Winter MCD
 Bohren & der Club Of Gore Dead End Angels Sunset Mission
•Mila Mar Elfensex Elfensex
 In The Nursery Metropole Asphalt
 Claire Voyant Deep Claire Voyant
 Alexandra Mein Kind, schlaf ein Träume, Illusionen
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