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Due to legal amendments that are in effect in North Rhine-Westphalia since the beginning of 2008, Ohrbelag can no longer be broadcast as usual and has gone off air for now. - usch

Playlist 1995

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  Artist Title Album
 Der Liederkranz Kolonie  
•AG Geige Maximale Gier  
 Danny Dziuk Männer (unter sich)  
 Götterdämmerung Pile On The Agony  
 Der Liederkranz Kybernaut 2  
 Poupée Fabrikk I Want Candy  
 The Star Club Batty Girls  
 Mastino Sterne  
 Die Braut haut ins Auge Warum nicht  
 The Whisky Priests Dol-Li-A  
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The "German Ska & Reggae" edition.
  Artist Title Album
 Provibes Pharoah Hiding  
 Natty U Boys Don't Cry  
 The Busters Wish You Were Here  
 The Vision The Balance  
 Electric Source Monk-A-Dub  
 Gracy & The Herbman Band Nah Miss You Love  
 Natty U Kuff  
 The Lions Big Slave Rider  
 Carnival Of Souls Skrollan Ska  
 Gosh Music Hide A Wit Ska  
 Provibes Rootsman Session  
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Interview guest: Stefan Streuter ("Indie Go!" Manager)
  Artist Title Album
 Cyber Axis The Chase  
 Doctor Butcher The Altar  
 Shock Factor Jungle Song  
 FM Einheit Educacào  
 Pink Turns Blue Who Cares  
 Der Tätowierte Mann Oh Germany recorded live at the "Kaue" in Gelsenkirchen during the "Indie Goes Hometown" festival, 20.05.1994
 Splatterheads Fish Biscuit  
 Bone Club Telephone  
 Mindwar Why  
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  Artist Title Album
 S.P.O.C.K Mirror World  
 Chelsea Wir wagen es  
 Sun Stolen  
 The Birdy Num Nums Lost Forever  
 HollyGolightly Kiss Away  
City Mine
 The Secrets Of Cash 'n' Carry Audrey  
 Mindwar Owlman  
 Demonix A Little Death  
 Cryptic Flowers Lack Of Concentration  
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  Artist Title Album
 The Wedding Present Cumberland Gap  
 Fading Colours Lie  
 Wire Pieta  
 Nelsons Wedding Ohne mich  
 Vampyre State Building Deep Inside  
 The Notwist Nook  
 Kastrierte Philosophen Jussun  
 Splatterheads Kill For Me  
 Mule The Beauteous  
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Interview guests: The Slags.
  Artist Title Album
 Siouxsie & The Banshees Not Forgotten  
 Uncle Ho   recorded live at the "Kaue" in Gelsenkirchen during the "Six Years In A Subway" festival, 18.03.1995
 Medfield, MA Wrong
•The Slags Gotta Change
 Janis Joplin Piece Of My Heart  
 Patti Smith Group So You Want To Be A Rock & Roll Star  
•The Slags Sticking In The Wall  
 PJ Harvey Sheela-Na-Gig  
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  Artist Title Album
•Amorphis Black Winter Day  
•The Slags   recorded live at the "Kaue" in Gelsenkirchen during the "Six Years In A Subway" festival, 18.03.1995
Gotta Change
 Sun Stolen  
 The Notwist   recorded live at the "Kaue" in Gelsenkirchen during the "Six Years In A Subway" festival, 18.03.1995
 Meshuggah Vanished  
 Demonix For You  
 Therion The Wings Of The Hydra  
 The Splatterheads   recorded live at the "Kaue" in Gelsenkirchen during the "Six Years In A Subway" festival, 18.03.1995
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Interview guests: Dronning Maud Land
  Artist Title Album
 Fading Colours Black Horse  
 Swans Of Avon A Kiss Of A Windflower recorded live at the "Kaue" in Gelsenkirchen, 21.04.1995
Trust The Angels
 Cream 8 Water Feels So Comfortably Warm  
 Dronning Maud Land Blood River recorded live at the "Kaue" in Gelsenkirchen, 21.04.1995
New Decade
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Interview guests: Onkel Fleisch & The Daughters Of Prevention
  Artist Title Album
 Onkel Fleisch & The Daughters Of Prevention Niksarin  
She De Mati
Seele brennt
Mein Pferd ißt keinen Gurkensalat
 18th Dye Play w/ You  
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  Artist Title Album
 Marionettes Rise  
 R.K.L. We're Back We're Pissed  
 18th Dye Poolhouse Blue  
 The Feebles Johnny  
 Benediction Down On Whores  
 Meshuggah Future Breed Machine  
 Rage The Crawling Chaos  
 Lacrimosa Copycat  
 Monster Voodoo Machine Bastard Is As Bastard Does  
 La Costa Rasa Like A Machine  
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  Artist Title Album
 Ballhaus Komm in mein Haus  
 Das Holz Erda  
 Hans Söllner Sturm  
 Doughnuts Stuffed With Lies  
 Cat Rapes Dog I'm Not Ok, You're Not OK, But Hey, Thats Ok  
 S.P.O.C.K All ETs Aren't Nice  
 Sharon Stoned Superkind  
 A Subtle Plague I Wanna Kill The President  
•The Slags Life's Too Short  
 The Spermbirds What Dad Says  
 Sun Woman  
 Devoid Are Friends Electric  
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  Artist Title Album
 Dreadful Shadows Homeless  
•De/Vision Moments We Shared  
 Malka Spigel Kishufim  
 Elegant Machinery To Cut A Long Story Short  
 Awful Noise Corporation Being Boiled  
 Moonshake Just A Working Girl  
 Zwiebel Zwiebel Hurra Come On Down  
•The Slags Gotta Change  
 Gut / Lane Yadi Puss  
•Toyah Now I'm Running  
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Interview guests: The Me-Janes, The Slags
  Artist Title Album
 The Me-Janes   recorded live at the "Kaue" in Gelsenkirchen, 29.06.1995
•The Slags  
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  Artist Title Album
 40 Thieves Neuschwanstein  
 Foyer Des Arts Zwei Refrains  
 Spermbirds Pop Song  
 Härter bis wolkig Hilfe, Hilfe  
•The Slags So What  
 Fit & Limo The Little Girl Lost  
 Dreadful Shadows Homeless (Cyberedit)  
 Die Maschine Tanzen!  
 Ragga Fränkie 50 Jahre her  
 Morgana I Blame  
 My Bloody Valentine Soon (Remix)  
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Interview guests: Hanna & Mrs. Crimson
  Artist Title Album
 Oil On Canvas Love Is...  
 Hanna & Mrs. Crimson Summertime  
Nobody Here
Lord Help Me Please
Before We Freeze
Your Song
 Carnival Of Souls Lipka's Hirn  
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  Artist Title Album
 Patricia Morrison Reflection  
 Amgod Data Control  
 Attrition Underpass  
 Ampzilla's Delight Several Metals In A Row  
 Delerium Incantation  
 Lisa Gerrard The Rite  
 Sabotage - qu'est-ce que c'est? To Be  
 Götterdämmerung Take Us We Are Glass  
 Bel Canto Summer  
 Automatic Sweet Dreams  
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  Artist Title Album
•Amorphis Black Winter Day  
 Lacrimosa Kabinett der Sinne  
 Therion Arrival Of The Darkest Queen  
The Beauty In Black
 Plastic Venus Kiss  
 Götterdämmerung Longshot  
 Dead World The Machine  
 Fetish 69 Versus Nature  
 Fields Of The Nephilim Volcane  
 Grave Digger Heart Of Darkness  
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  Artist Title Album
 Halo Smart Material Love (Waves) Immanent
•The Breath Of Life Nightfall  
 Mindrot Burden  
 Kreator Sculpture Of Regret  
Isolation (Part 1)
 T.A.S.S. Lust For Life  
 The Dreamside Nuda Veritas  
 Halo Skip The Sausage (At The Terminal Hotel) Immanent
•The Breath Of Life The Reason  
 Klaatu All Good Things  
 Gut / Lane Yadiland 1  
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  Artist Title Album
 The Flynns You Make Me Scream  
 Johnny Bumm 8  
 Negu Gorriak Ipurbegia  
Hitz Egin
 Tyske Ludder Hexenjagd  
 Ampzilla's Delight Several Metals In A Row  
 3/4 Raketen Ich glaub', ich muß verrecken  
 Jeep Beat Orchestra Ich hab Angst um mein Sperma  
 Sabotage - qu'est-ce que c'est? Alleviate (Freedomix)  
 Hawkwind Psychedelic Warlords  
 Jeep Beat Orchestra Rauchmaschinen im All  
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  Artist Title Album
 Umbra Et Imago Genealogie der Moral  
 The Amps Empty Glasses  
 Throwing Muses Snakeface  
•Jarboe Lavender Girl  
 Amon Düül 2 Nada Moonshine #  
 Towering Inferno The Rose  
Sto Mondo Rotondo
Toll (I)
Modern Times
 Hate Squad Not My God  
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Interview guests: Sabotage - qu'est-ce que c'est?
  Artist Title Album
 Sabotage - qu'est-ce que c'est? In Your World (Dance!)  
 Umbra Et Imago Devotion  
 Halo Health Warning (Act Today) Immanent
 Templebeat Wicked  
 Dive Running Circle  
 Sabotage - qu'est-ce que c'est? Le Fleur Du Mal  
Come Together
To Be (Stripped Under - KMFDM Mix)
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  Artist Title Album
 Lost Image Madness (Tanz den Weihnachtsmann Edit)  
 Thunderhead Snap  
 Monster Voodoo Machine Defense Mechanism  
 X-Mas Project Leise rieselt der Schnee  
 Slappin' Suspenders Santa Claus Is Back In Town  
 The Nightmares Renny The Radioactive Reindeer  
 The Rattlers Rock'n'Roll Christmas  
 Monster Voodoo Machine Threat by Example  
 The Yobs Come All Ye Faithful  
 Kreator Lost  
 Thunderhead Good Things Never Last  
 X-Mas Project Jingle Bells  
Silent Night, Holy Night
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  Artist Title Album
 Rain On Bamboo Backyard Blues #1  
 Tarnation The Well  
 Cocteau Twins Heaven Or Las Vegas  
 The Garden Of Delight Sartyricon  
•De/Vision Dress Me When I Bleed  
 Halo Skip The Sausage (At The Terminal Hotel) Immanent
 Lisa Gerrard Ajhon  
•Jarboe Ode To V  
 Joolz Bad Blood  
 And Also The Trees Shantell  
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