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Due to legal amendments that are in effect in North Rhine-Westphalia since the beginning of 2008, Ohrbelag can no longer be broadcast as usual and has gone off air for now. - usch

Playlist 2003

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  Artist Title Album
 Dharma Drums Pursy Punch Kumquat Combat
 f/a/v Wir sehen uns wieder  
 Peaches Fuck The Pain Away  
 V-Sor, X Prey Room A Strip Of Light But Still Too Dark
•Bettie Serveert Venus In Furs Plays 'Venus In Furs'
•Toyah The Woman Who Had An Affair With Herself Ophelia's Shadow
 Technoir Last Tears 1999  
 Vive la fête Attaque Surprise Attaque Surprise
•Clan Of Xymox There's No Tomorrow There's No Tomorrow MCD
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  Artist Title Album
 Magma Mekanik Destrüktiv Kommandöh Mekanik Kommandöh
 Värttinä Äljö Nordic Ethno Grooves Collection 3
 Jungschnecken Sukitex Jungschnecken
 Salinos Die Liebe ist ein Kind der Freiheit Du siehst nicht aus wie ich ausseh
 Nena ft. Kim Wilde Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime  
 Dein Schatten Tränen der Seele  
 Another Tale Idiot  
 The Prior's Diary Wind Turns Back  
 Mondsucht Dunkle Seelen  
 Alien Levi Here Comes The Flood  
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  Artist Title Album
 Javelin/Löwy Pulsing Adrenaline Broken Surface
 Rain On Bamboo The Man Who Would Be King Sleep & Poetry
 Bourbonese Qualk Mano-A-Mano Feeding The Hungry Ghost
 Bohren & Der Club Of Gore Midnight Walker Sunset Mission
 Kastrierte Philosophen Illusion Souldier
 Twice A Man Strange Delight Fungus & Sponge
 The Cure Out Of This World Bloodflowers
 Lussia Atmend Fleur de Mandragore
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  Artist Title Album
 Victoria Harper I Wait For Mr. Snapshot  
 mia. Machtspiele (Tanz Drauf) Hieb & Stichfest
 Neoangin Faustrecht der Freiheit It's So Easy To Fall Apart
 Ah Cama-Sotz Sweet Fragrance Of Insanity Forms Of Hands 02
 Jack Or Jive Venus Mujyo
 Siouxsie And The Banshees Mittageisen  
•Jarboe Ode To V Sacrificial Cake
 Syria Elegy Of Angels And Dogs A Gift From Culture
 Javelin/Löwy The Broken Surface Broken Surface
 Swandive Big Trip  
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  Artist Title Album
 Foyer des Arts Die toten Augen von Deutschland Die Unfähigkeit zu Frühstücken
•The Rorschach Garden State Protection State Protection 7"
 Alien Levi Rotes Licht  
 Bourbonese Qualk Guilt Feeding The Hungry Ghost
•S.Y.P.H. Traumraum Harbeitslose
 Bit's Two Byte Home-Run
 Inferi Amoris Sixteen v2.0 dreamhost.com
 Wench Salome's Dream Wench
 Twice A Man Insect Factory Instru Mental
 Javelin/Löwy Macrocosmic Termite Town Broken Surface
 Lussia Nomad On Earth Fleur de Mandragore
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  Artist Title Album
 Bit's Candy Candy Home-Run
 Holger Czukay & U-She Supernova The New Millennium
•Yello Oh Yeah Stella
 Twice A Man Underground Instru Mental
 Härte 10 Byrdie Gugu Dada
•Spherical Disrupted 15:08 (20:63-2-Space) Kontingent
•Betriebsdruck vs. Alarmen Ultra-Cereal Alarmbetrieb
 Xabec Sonar Seelenschiff
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  Artist Title Album
 Holger Czukay & U-She Cinderella The New Millennium
•Karlheinz Stockhausen Gesang der Jünglinge  
•Klaus Schulze Crystal Lake Mirage
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  Artist Title Album
 Brainticket Life's Mirror Alchemic Universe
 Chandeen In The Forest Echoes
 Thick Pigeon Wheels Over Indian Trails Too Crazy Cowboys
 Miranda Dali Riding Miranda Dali
 Satirnine Hey No Hell Hey No Hell MCD
•Xandria Kill The Sun Kill The Sun
 Mörk Gryning My Friends Maelstrom Chaos
 Erblast Frei von Narben Drittgeschlecht
•Ai Phoenix Institution The Driver Is Dead
 Camouflage Love Is A Shield (Extended Version)  
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  Artist Title Album
 Spiritual Reality Tränen ZilloScope 05/2003
 Brainticket Relics 'n Roll Alchemic Universe
 Pulsar Bleu Carpe Noctem mp3.com
 Technoir Last Tears 1999  
 Atomine Elektrine Fragments of the Past  
 Randomajestiq No More Bubbles Please UnclassifiEP
 Herschel Krusztofskij Latah High lo, no fi
 Kirlian Camera Absentee (Alamo Mix)  
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  Artist Title Album
•Scream Silence Pretty Eyes – Timid Try ZilloScope 05/2003
•Xandria Ginger Kill The Sun
 Kittie Paperdoll Spit
 Doughnuts Who's Bleeding? The Age Of The Circle
 Evereve Of This Heart Enetics
 Sonata Arctica Wolf & Raven Silence
 Catastrophe Ballet Garden Of Decay ZilloScope 05/2003
 Die Apokalyptischen Reiter Erhelle meine Seele All You Need Is Love
 Tiamat Do You Dream Of Me Wildhoney
 Lithium Insect Cold
 Dreadful Shadows Chains Buried Again
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  Artist Title Album
 The Happier Hunting Ground Places  
•S.Y.P.H. Ich brauch dich Harbeitslose
•Funk d'Void Dope Lullaby Technoir
•Nightwish She Is My Sin Wishmaster
•Xandria Isis/Osiris Kill The Sun
 DIN-A-Testbild Waves Of Leipzig Leipzig & Coca-Cola
 Sorten Muld Jeg Gik Mig Ud En Sommerdag Mark II
 Cryptic Flowers Britney's Piercing Demo-CDR (2002)
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  Artist Title Album
 Cinema Strange Aboriginal Anemia AcrobatAmaranthAutomaton
 DAF Alle Gegen Alle Alles Ist Gut
 Laibach 2525  
 Escape With Romeo Anteroom For Your Love WGT-Sampler 2003
 Erblast XIII Drittgeschlecht
 Stoa My Inner Labyrinth  
 Diary Of Dreams But The Wind Was Stronger Dion Fortune Sampler Vol.6
 Deine Lakaien Return  
 Faun Das Schloß am Meer Zaubersprüche
 Maria Solheim The Last Waltz ZilloScope 05/2002
 The 69 Eyes Gothic Girl  
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  Artist Title Album
 16 Horsepower Black Soul Choir  
 Cell Division Skin Fetish  
 Ayreon Dragon On The Sea  
 Blackmail The Light Of The Son Is The Son Of The Light ZilloScope 05/2003
 Der Liederkranz Stadtlied Stereo
 2raumwohnung Sexy Girl Kommt zusammen
 Vive la fête Non dis non Attaque surprise
 mia. Kreisel Hieb & Stichfest
 Lussia From Chaos To Order Fleur de Mandragore
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  Artist Title Album
 The Sugarcubes Cold Sweat (Live) Music For The 90's Vol.1
 They Might Be Giants They'll Need A Crane Music For The 90's Vol.1
 Television Personalities Salvador Dali's Garden Party Music For The 90's Vol.2
 Heart Throbs I Wonder Why Music For The 90's Vol.2
 The Fair Sex Alaska (Hookline Assembler) Music For The 90's Vol.3
 Daisy Chainsaw Pink Flower Music For The 90's Vol.4
 Pale Saints Thread Of Light Music For The 90's Vol.4
 Stereolab We're Not Adult Oriented Music For The 90's Vol.5
 Einstürzende Neubauten Zebulon Music For The 90's Vol.5
 Heather Nova Sugar Music For The 90's Vol.6
 Pop Will Eat Itself Ich bin ein Ausländer Music For The 90's Vol.6
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  Artist Title Album
 Angry About Nothing Is Safe Social Emptiness
 SYPH Hörzu Harbeitslose
 Die Krone der Gastlichkeit Satellit Chronik
 Recht auf Freiheit Zerbrechlich  
 Satanic Surfers Thoughts  
 The Fools Psycho Chicken  
 Siouxsie & The Banshees Got To Get Up Superstition
 Stina Nordenstam vs Unkle People Are Strange Eden
 E.S.R. Free My Soul ZilloScope 05/2003
 Psykosonik Panik Kontrol  
 Soma Soma Romanz Hollow Earth
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  Artist Title Album
 Millenia Nova feat. Iggy Pop Rockicide (Album Version) Rockicide CDM
 The Last Dance Nightmares ZilloScope 08/2003
 Mesh Trust You Dion Fortune Sampler Vol.6
 Combustible Edison Cry Me a River  
 Left Hand Solution Light Shines Black Light Shines Black
 Killing Joke Total Invasion ZilloScope 08/2003
 X-Fusion Suicide ZilloScope 08/2003
 Chaos God Chaos God (adni) 3001
 Ultravox Dancing With Tears In My Eyes  
 Die Krone der Gastlichkeit I Must Have Been Blind Chronik
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  Artist Title Album
 Andrey Kiritchenko Zakat 00.00 (A Suite Of The Midnight)
 Imu Enchanted v 0.76b Bauhaus – An Autoplate Compilation
 Taavi Tulev Freako Televiisor On Tuksis
 Dighom Vaana Vibrating Colours – Coloured Vibrations
 Falter Nachtflug »Silent Season Dub« Compilation
 Lufth Duisburg links »Silent Season Dub« Compilation
 Digitalverein Abends am Gasometer (RasmusM Remix) Zu Hause² Remixes
 Off The Sky Nonlinear Surface Tensions »Silent Season Dub« Compilation
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  Artist Title Album
 Iszoloscope La dominateur commun Maschinenfest 2001 Compilation
 Panacea vs. Needle Sharing Dirty Order Maschinenfest 2001 Compilation
 5F_55 4772 7575 7674 2001hands Compilation
 Synapscape Load (mellow mix) Maschinenfest 2000 Compilation
•Klangstabil Anti-Kommunikation Maschinenfest 2000 Compilation
 Hypnoskull Operation Tough Guy (v1) Maschinenfest 2002 Compilation
 Ah Cama-Sotz The Corridors Of The Unseen Maschinenfest 2001 Compilation
 Asche Your Bomb (v2) Maschinenfest 2000 Compilation
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  Artist Title Album
 CellAutoMata My Old Car Maschinenfest 2003 Compilation
 Asche Button's Push Maschinenfest 2003 Compilation
•Klangstabil Push Yourself Maschinenfest 2003 Compilation
 Hanin Elias Blue Maschinenfest 2003 Compilation
 Iszoloscope epr01PK Maschinenfest 2003 Compilation
 Morgenstern V-Junx Maschinenfest 2003 Compilation
 Morgenstern Hypnotized Cold
•Klangstabil Gloomy Day «Daruma» Compilation
 Ah cama-Sotz Uggae Maschinenfest 2003 Compilation
 Synapscape Old Europe Maschinenfest 2003 Compilation
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  Artist Title Album
 The Cure The Last Day Of Summer Bloodflowers
•Within Temptation Our Farewell Mother Earth
 The Cure Where The Birds Always Sing Bloodflowers
 Lake Of Tears So Fell Autumn Rain Forever Autumn
 Nena Es regnet Fragezeichen
 Collection d'Arnell-Andrea L'aulne et la mort CollAge
 Shapeshifter The Mystery Of Being Dead Shapeshifter
 Melanie Ruby Tuesday  
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  Artist Title Album
 Off The Sky Nonlinear Surface Tensions Silent Season Dub Compilation
 Morgenstern Eye Cold
 833-45 Peak Sunspot Activity Solar Cycle 23
 Andrey Kiritchenko Svetlo 00.00 (a suite of the midnight)
 Digitalverein Treppe Nach Unten (Dolby Remix) Zu Hause² Remixes
 Taavi Tulev Televiisor On Tuksis Televiisor On Tuksis
 Randomajestiq Psychosexual Sexterrestrial UnclassifiEP
 Panacea Vs. Needle Sharing Machine Break V1.0 Maschinenfest 2002 Compilation
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  Artist Title Album
 Synapscape Girl Of The Week Hands On Centrozoon
 Synapscape Little Boy Smile Hands On Centrozoon
 Sunday All Over The World Sunday All Over The World Kneeling At The Shrine
•Skeksis Electric Bird s/w monoschönchen
•Alarmen Automata Automata
 Melt Banana White Christmas  
•S.Y.P.H. Wilder Winter Harbeitslose
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  Artist Title Album
 Lost Image Madness (Merciful X Mas Edit) Madness MCD
 X-Mas Project Oh Tannenbaum X-Mas Project
•The Vandals Thanx For Nothing Oi To The World
 X Mal Deutschland XMas In Australia Tocsin
•AG Geige Maximale Gier Trickbeat
 Loriot Advent  
 Xol Dog 400 Die Überraschung Take Off Music Volume 1
 Attrition Silent Night  
 Canned Heat Christmas Blues  
 Mud Lonely This Christmas  
 Nightmares Renny The Radioactive Reindeer  
 The Pretenders Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas  
 Cocteau Twins Winter Wonderland  
 X-Mas Project Silent Night, Holy Night X-Mas Project
•The Vandals Dance Of The Sugarplum Faries Oi To The World
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