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Due to legal amendments that are in effect in North Rhine-Westphalia since the beginning of 2008, Ohrbelag can no longer be broadcast as usual and has gone off air for now. - usch

Playlist 2004

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  Artist Title Album
 Dharma Drums Pursy Punch Kumquat Combat
 Jungschnecken Sukitex Jungschnecken
 mia. Machtspiele (Tanz Drauf) Hieb & Stichfest
 Bit's Candy Candy Home-Run
 Holger Czukay & U-She Cinderella The New Millennium
 Brainticket Life's Mirror Alchemic Universe
•Xandria Ginger Kill The Sun
 Millenia Nova feat. Iggy Pop Rockicide (Album Version) Rockicide CDM
 Falter Nachtflug »Silent Season Dub« Compilation
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  Artist Title Album
 Decay Working Man Downstairs Rise
 Cordium Detractio A Chill In The Bower mp3.com
 Heid Arktogäa I Arktogäa
 Paul Keeley Smynk Sussex Blue EP
 Gultskra Artikler Starik Hotabitch Gololed
 Messer Chups Gitarkin vs. Scotland Yard Cocktail Draculina
 Venetian Snares Herbie Goes Ballistic The Chocolate Wheelchair Album
 Sheep On Drugs WCFM (Silicon Modulation Mix) Never Mind The Methadone
 American Analog Set Gone To Earth The Fun Of Watching Fireworks
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  Artist Title Album
 Peaches Tombstone, Baby Fatherfucker
•The Rorschach Garden State Protection  
 Nik Page The Devil Inside (Zillo Hardcut Mix) ZilloScope 05/2003
 Chandeen In The Forest ZilloScope 05/2003
 Unto Ashes Spider Song Empty Into White
 Soul Whirling Somewhere The Raining Welt / Copper Eyes The Great Barrier
 Ophelia's Dream Mystère All Beauty Is Sad
 The Changelings See Emily Play Astronomica
 Unto Ashes Ah, Sunflower! Empty Into White
 Mono Silicone Formica Blues
 Soul Whirling Somewhere Forget It, I Give Up, Goodbye, I Love You The Great Barrier
 This Mortal Coil Late Night  
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  Artist Title Album
 Danielle Dax The Living And Their Stillborn Blast The Human Flower
•Eloi Brunelle Honeygroove I Like To Listen!
 Needle Sharing DNS 2001 Hands
 Necdum No Hell www.besonic.com
•The Nits Dutch Mountains  
 Kim Deal & Robert Pollard Love Hurts Love & a .45
 This Morn' Omina Epoch Daruma
 Martin Jarl & Johan Fotmeijer Can't Stand To Be Alone I Like To Listen!
•Patternclear Nile Delta  
 Digitalis China Hope I Like To Listen!
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  Artist Title Album
 Baier/Box Duck Dub Boxing/Unboxing
 Trance Vision Steppers Testdept. tvs.2
 Trance Vision Steppers Oh George tvs.2
 The Vision The Balance Mental Healing
 Electric Source Monk-A-Dub Electric Source
•Kopfuss Resonator Monocain Techno 2001
•slowtiger Sadphone dssg-Sampler Vol.1
 Vultrapia Scali Autopianotationalismasoschism
 Mono No Aware X-Periment »Hands 2001« Compilation
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  Artist Title Album
 Katscan Kentucky Fried Jesus Feral Bios
 Escape With Romeo Anteroom For Your Love WGT-Sampler 2003
 Depressive Age Sports Yells Electric Scum
 Zoma Cheesy Little Monster Child
 Q And Not U Y Plus White Girl No Kill No Beep Beep
 Temple Of Rain White Shade  
 Funhouse Velvet Kiss (Cherry Mix)  
 Desire Stab In The Back  
 The Mission Tower of Strength Children
 Violet Born For Safety Omnis Mundi
 Depressive Age Small Town Boy Electric Scum
 Dead Bolt Tijuana Hit Squad Tijuana Hit Squad
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  Artist Title Album
 Monster Magnet Spine Of God Spine Of God
 Hawkwind Time We Left Doremi Fasol Latido
 Motorhead Orgasmatron  
 Spacemen 3 Revolution Playing With Fire
 Acid Mothers Temple Space Bambino Wild Gals A Go-Go
Interstellar Over Dope
 Zeni Geva Guystick Body Maximum Money Monster
 Marble Sheep Good Old Marble Sheep Marble Zone 2
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  Artist Title Album
 Mono No Aware Conducator (Maschinenfest Rmx) Maschinenfest 2000 Compilation
 MS Gentur Industrial Area 1 Maschinenfest 2000 Compilation
 Needle Sharing Rude Awakening (MF Edit) Maschinenfest 2003 Compilation
 Synth-Etik Itseh Maschinenfest 2001 Compilation
 Winterkälte Nowaja Semlja (Prohibited Area) Vertigo Compilation 4/1996
 Punch Inc. Smash (Wired Mix) Maschinenfest 2003 Compilation
 Xabec Pumpenwasser Seelenschiff
 S.I.N.A Mein Stern Hands 2001 Compilation
 Ah Cama-Sotz The Corridors Of The Unseen Maschinenfest 2001 Compilation
 Orphx Breach Maschinenfest 2001 Compilation
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  Artist Title Album
 Leaves' Eyes Into Your Light Into Your Light MCD
 Atrocity Aeon Atlantis
 Eloy Poseidon's Creation Ocean
•Nightwish Crownless Wishmaster
 Sonata Arctica Wolf & Raven  
 Cutlet Kills Erinner dich Cutlet Kills
 Carcass Feast On Dismembered Carnage Reek Of Putrefaction
 Dimmu Borgir Mourning Palace Enthrone Darkness Triumphant
 Evereve Eat-Grow-Decay Enetics
 Circle DNA Surface
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  Artist Title Album
 5F_55 Uses Hidden Technology Technology Doesn't Work -∞ dB Compilation
•Spherical Disrupted Melatonin
•Alarmen S-Cape
 Kuroda NF Alien Messaging System
 Xabec Wavetable Violence
 Echo West Crosses Of The West
 Betriebsdruck Io000
•Alarmen Body Shot 1
 Leiche Rustikal Alpha (noise Version)
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  Artist Title Album
 Remo Park Vivid Hours  
 The Peers Baby Burn Royal Rubbish
 The Star Club World's End Ihojin
 Blitz Babiez Domesticated Thought Spawn
 Amazing Transparent Man Puff the Magic Dragon  
 Echophonic Crazy Hotel 'Underwater'
 Crank Punks A A'right Picking Up The Pieces
 Angry About Nothing Is Safe Social Emptiness
 But Alive Menschen, die nur ein Thema haben Bis jetzt ging alles gut
 Soulfly Seek 'n' Strike  
 The Peers White Wedding Royal Rubbish
 ZK Dosenbier Auf der Suche nach dem heiligen Gral
 Gary Glitter I Didn't Know I Loved You  
 Chelsea Traitor's Gate Traitors Gate
 The Star Club Mass Action Ihojin
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  Artist Title Album
 Brian Kage Luna Twilight (Paul Keeley Remix) Eight Ways EP
 Jason Corder Undertow Lovesong Microcosmos
 Konrad Bayer Tomorrow We'll See Shall We Go To The Park
 Brainticket Alchemic Universe Alchemic Universe
 5F_55 4772 7575 7674 2001hands
 Die Krone der Gastlichkeit Skinny Chronik
 The Blood Group Odin Everything Forgotten Gathers At The Ceiling
 Millenia Nova feat. Iggy Pop Rockicide (Tok Tok Remix) Rockicide CDM
 Danielle Dax Tomorrow Never Knows  
 Jason Corder Berlin Wall Microcosmos
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  Artist Title Album
 Le syndicat electronique La fatigue »Das Drehmoment«-Compilation
•Le tigre The The Empty Le tigre
 The Slits I Heard It Through The Grapevine  
 Psychopunch Hard To Belong  
 The Peers Too Much Is Never Enough Royal Rubbish
 Novak Seen Girlfriend Novak Seen
 Motorhead & Girlschool Please Don't Touch  
 Echophonic Fun mit Waldmann Hotel 'Underwater'
 Los Banditos Unbekannte wilde Frau  
 Messer Chups Shostakovich Beat »Legkaya Osen'« Compilation
 Guz Die Geschichte der Welt, Teil 1  
 Chromatron Born Dumb  
 Les Rita Mitsouko Singing In The Shower Re
 Wir sind Helden Guten Tag Die Reklamation
 Ain't (untitled) Slap The Judge
 Psychopunch A Powerful Brand  
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  Artist Title Album
 Blackmail The Light Of The Son Is The Son Of The Light ZilloScope 05/2003
 Depressive Age Toyland Hills Electric Scum
 Hellride Watch It Go ...And Then The Earth Moved
 Kevin Coyne Pretty Park Live Rough & More
•The Legendary Stardust Cowboy Relaxation ... rides again
 16 Horsepower Bad Moon Rising  
 Gun Club Run Through The Jungle Miami
 Slade Coz I Luv You  
 Bloody Dead And Sexy Bloody Rose Bloody Dead And Sexy (Promo)
•S.Y.P.H. Der Bauer im Parkdeck Harbeitslose
•Skeksis Zombie  
 Treponem Pal Funky Town Higher
 2raumwohnung Kommt zusammen Kommt zusammen
 Temple Of Rain Wicked Wicked
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  Artist Title Album
 Gun Accelerator Trendkacke
 The Revillos Call Me The Cat From the Freezer
 DeadBolt Prison Shank Tijuana Hit Squad
 Count von Count The Song Of The Count Sesame Street
 Schweinhund Put A Knife Eine kleine Hund Muzic
 Der Fluch Werwolf  
 Edith Nylon Tank  
 X-Mal Deutschland Schwarze Welt  
 Taxi Girl Mannequin  
 Television Set Future Today  
 Dave & Ansil Collins Double Barrel  
 Ragga Fränkie 50 Jahre Her Geld & Mehr
 The Vision Running Away Namas Te
 Leichenwetter Sauerland  
 Diamond Dogs Bound To Ravage Too Much Is Always Better Than Not Enough
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  Artist Title Album
 DeVision I'm Not Dreaming Of You (Extended Club Version) Zillo Jubiläums-CD 2004
 Alien Skull Paint Fly With Me Appearing From The Inside
 Silvia Sex im Aquarium Silvia
 Altaïr Éclipse Éclipse
 Chandeen Indian Summer Echoes
 Modula Green Evening Cloud Shellground
•Klangstabil Push Yourself  
 Unto Ashes I Cover You With Blood (Wounds Mix) Empty Into White
 Syria Black Coffee Logic Metroland
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  Artist Title Album
 Ascii Disko Einfach Neue Heimat Vol. 2
 Sascha Funke When Will I Be Famous Neue Heimat Vol. 2
 Fisherspooner Emerge  
•J.Falcodino & D.Saltamarea Pio (set the bios)  
 Soulkeeper Deeper Neue Heimat Vol. 2
 Peaches Fuck the Pain away  
 Catastrophe Ballet (Feat. Oswald Henke) Model Utopia Zillo Jubiläums-CD 2004
 Twin Machine Alice D. Neo
 Friends Of Dean Martinez Lost Horizon Random harvest
 Carissa's Wierd To Be There Now  
 Cinema Strange Legs And Tarpaulin  
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  Artist Title Album
 Hecate My Mirrors Are Black  
 Proyecto Mirage The Sound Of Desert Hands 2001 Compilation
 Genetic Selection Prepare for contact Orbital ground attack
 Geistform Zona Helada Uno
 Robert Görl Psychodrome (Ritchies Remix)  
 Polarlicht 4.1 Technokiller Industrielle Hypnose
 Winterkälte Nowaja Semlja (Prohibited Area) Vertigo Compilation 4/1996
 Sanctum Gifthorse New York City Bluster
 Larvae Fashion Victim Fashion Victim
 L'ombre Disappear Medicine For The Meaningless
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  Artist Title Album
 Gae Bolg La Marche Des Morts  
 D'arcadia Vivien Nostrum
Looks In Tenebris Realitale
 Violet Cherryblack Omnis Mundi
 Värttinä Itkin Ilmatar
 Hagalaz Runedance Behold The Passionate Ways Of Nature  
 Unto Ashes Beauty Queen Empty Into White
Spider Song
 Das Holz Olga Das Holz
•Pantagruel First Of Temple  
Yonder Comes A Courteous Knight  
 Faun Rani Zaubersprüche
•Pantagruel Passingmeasures Galliard  
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Interview Guests: Pantagruel
  Artist Title Album
 Gryphon Ethelion Midnight Mushrumps
•Pantagruel Passingmeasures Galliard  
Yonder Comes A Courteous Knight  
Kemps Jig Woodycock  
Ring Out Your Bells  
Fair Angel Of England  
Joy To The Person Of My Love  
First Of Temple  
 Love Like Blood In The Shadow Of The Sun An Irony Of Fate
 Kas Product Take Me Tonight  
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  Artist Title Album
•Spherical Disrupted Kein Null
 Hecate Wanna Try Me Hate Cats EP
 Monokrom Rabbit In A Hole Maschinenfest-Compilation 2004
 This Morn Omina Ne-(65111)
 L'Ombre After
 Larvae Polemic
•Spherical Disrupted Leer Null
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  Artist Title Album
 10000 Maniacs Rainy Day  
 Nena Es regnet Fragezeichen
 Blessing In Disguise Here Comes The Rain Again  
 Selig Unterm Regen  
 Deuter Apres La Pluie Sun Spirit
 Erasure Crying In The Rain (Disco Mix) Loveboat
 Jimi Hendrix Rainy Day, Dream Away Electric Ladyland
 Whitesnake Crying In The Rain  
 Lake Of Tears So Fell Autumn Rain  
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  Artist Title Album
•Scream Silence The Sign Elegy
•Goethes Erben Blau Blaues Album
•Klaus Schulze Crystal Lake Mirage
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  Artist Title Album
 The Yobs Intro Xmas II
Come All Ye Faithfull
 Deadbolt Post Office Christmas Party  
•The Vandals A Gun for Christmas Oi to the World
•AG Geige Maximale Gier Trickbeat
•Toyah I Believe In Father Christmas Mayhem
 Morphine Sexy Christmas Baby Mine Opium
•Scream Silence Elegy Elegy
 Catastrophe Ballet (ft. Oswald Henke) Model Utopia Zillo Jubiläums-CD 2004
 Evereve Abraza La Luz (Embrace The Light) Enetics
 Nik Page Herzschlag Zillo Jubiläums-CD 2004
 David Thomas & Two Pale Boys Numbers Man 18 Monkeys On A Dead Man's Chest
 Tom Waits Silent Night  
 Enya Oiche Chiún (Silent Night) The Christmas EP
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