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Due to legal amendments that are in effect in North Rhine-Westphalia since the beginning of 2008, Ohrbelag can no longer be broadcast as usual and has gone off air for now. - usch

Playlist 2006

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Cancelled due to technical problems at REL
  Artist Title Album
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  Artist Title Album
 Los Banditos Sex Beatclub
 Tagismâr Phallus Equii ... oder der (Alp-)Traum, einmal anders zu sein ...
 Sweet William A Face Without A Name Underground Explosion Vol. 4 – Wir Sind Köln!
 Sara Noxx Colder And Colder Tanz Der Nacht
 The Prodigy Hotride Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned
 The Faint I Disappear Wet From Birth
 5F-X Forms Of AFX Forms Of Hands 2005
 Xabec Sonar Seelenschiff
•Cobra Killer L.A. Shaker 76-77
 Bloody Dead And Sexy A Friend In Mescalin WGT-Sampler 2005
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  Artist Title Album
 Finn Electrify The Ayes Will Have It
 Orenda Fink Animal Invisible Ones
 Eva O. Harlots Tears WGT-Sampler 2005
 Antichrisis Like The Stars Perfume
 Sol Invictus Come Winter Rain The Devil's Steed
 Cowboy Junkies December Skies Early 21st Century Blues
 Edison Woods Seven Principles of Leave No Trace Seven Principles of Leave No Trace
 Susanne Brokesch Heroes (History Mix) Emerald Stars
 Broken Spindles The Distance Is Nearsighted Inside Absent
 Le Tigre TKO (Peaches Knock Out Remix) This Island Remixes
 Broken Spindles Painted Boy Face Inside Absent
 Finn Pesky The Ayes Will Have It
 Invitriol Screaper  
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  Artist Title Album
 Orenda Fink Bloodline Invisible Ones
 Broken Spindles Please Don't Remember This Inside Absent
•Eloi Brunelle Babysitter Silence Is Presence
 deluge This Lullaby Silence Is Presence
 Alta Infidelidad Onda (Deep Mix) Cactus Y Volcanes
 Move D Emotionally Yours 10/11 - Live At Johanneskirche
•Squares On Both Sides Ladder-Telescopes Dunaj
 Paul Keeley Only Silence Is Presence
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  Artist Title Album
 Hidalgo Go Go Go I Want A Girlfriend
 Deathstars Cyanide Zilloscope 02/2006
 Calla It Dawned On Me Collisions
 preen lavishly (demo)
 Lamb Sweetheart What Sound
 Markus Guentner & La Grande Il Baghira Pop Ambient 2006
 KTU Absinthe 8 Armed Monkey
•Film School Pitfalls Film School
 Proceed Identität Zilloscope 02/2006
 The Orb Edelgrün Pop Ambient 2006
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  Artist Title Album
 Sagentoeter The Raven's Song Prayers To Othinn
 Antichrisis We Are The Witches Perfume
 Secret Discovery Mein Kleiner Tod Alternate
 Calla Initiate Collisions
 A Static Lullaby A Song For A Broken Heart And Dont Forget To Breathe
 Inner Exit Ju-Ni Touched
 Klimek Milk (Klimek Remix) Pop Ambient 2006
 Pete Larsen Berlin Calling Berlin Calling EP
 Festland Rote Liebe Rote Liebe (Promo)
 Hacienda Half A Step Neue Heimat 4
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  Artist Title Album
 Echo & The Bunnymen Of A Life Siberia
 Clandestine (w. Ned Sublette) Radio Rhythm (Dub) New York Noise 2
 Red Transistor Not Bite New York Noise 2
 Stereo Total Europa Neurotisch Discotheque
Mars Rendezvous (We Love Jacno Mix)
 Emil Klotzsch sctl12 Tiefe Berge
•Das Kraftfuttermischwerk Gewitterwolken Eingang nach draußen
Tischtennis Im Regen
 The Consolation Project Nothing Staring at the Stars EP
 Ricochets The Ghost of Our Love The Ghost of Our Love
 Hidalgo Musiclove I Want A Girlfriend
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Preview: Forms of Hands Festival
  Artist Title Album
•Edgey Fear 2005 Hands
 Greyhound Cut Back 2005 Hands
 Empusae Seygot (Family Version) Maschinenfest 2005
 S.I.N.A Die Your Life (Nullvektor Mix) Maschinenfest 2002
 Ah Cama-Sotz Ill-lektrik Terra Infernalis
 Adjacency Pair Naedashy -∞ dB – An Audiophob Compilation
 Mono No Aware X-Periment 2001 Hands
 Klinik Desert (Surgery Mix) Maschinenfest 2002
•Mimetic Be-At sdaa3 Sound A
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  Artist Title Album
 Attwenger Bled Dog
 Celebration Diamonds Celebration
 Metallspürhunde Obszöne neue Welt Amokmensch
 Klinik Memories World Of Electronic Body Music
 Colony 5 Fix Refixed
 Dakar And Grinser Making A Slip (Extended Mix) Making A Slip
 Depeche Mode Personal Jesus Violator
 à;GRUMH... Zojirushi (Theme For Gen) Rebearth
 Celebration Holiday Celebration
 Digitalverein Internal Course Internal Course
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  Artist Title Album
•The Rorschach Garden Abuse Our Japanese Friends
 Festland Nachts bei den Schiffen An euren Fenstern wachsen Blumen
 Metallspürhunde Metallspürhunde Amokmensch
 Klinik Reversal Dark Surgery
 Empusae Orix Error 404: Metaphorical Loss
 Selffish As The Leaves Fall »Elektronik Baltikum« Compilation
 Kriipis Tulo Lite On
•fusedMARc Easier
 Benfay Bluestone One Touch Button Music
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Pre-recorded, because I'll be off to WGT in Leipzig next week
  Artist Title Album
•Heimstatt Yipotash Sharing Solar Resources Forms Of Hands 06
 Empusae Alkevar Error 404: Metaphorical Loss
•Film School On & On Film School
 Celebration Stars Celebration
•fusedMARc Contraction Contraction EP
•In Strict Confidence Promised Land Exile Paradise
 Colony 5 Plastic World Refixed
•The Rorschach Garden My Japanese Friends Our Japanese Friends
 M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Booka Shade Body Language House Club Hottest 009
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  Artist Title Album
•Implant Your World (Continental Drift Mix By Implant) Fading Away
•Film School 11:11 Film School
•Interpol A Time To Be So Small Antics
•Skeksis Electric Bird s/w monoschönchen
 Chandeen Heute Nacht Bikes And Pyramids
•In Strict Confidence In Favilla Exile Paradise
•Wendy Carlos Country Lane A Clockwork Orange
•Implant No Danger Fading Away
 Deadbeat White Out Something Borrowed, Something Blue
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Interview guest: Xabec
  Artist Title Album
•Underwater Pilots Loud And Clear Tranquil Places
 Floating Stone Dittany (First Aroma Introduction Mix) Arco's Third Eye Remixes
For Anne (Marching Rock Mix)
 Xabec Artifacts In Hourglasses Electric Mandala: Floating
 Flint Glass Brain Speaking Machine Nyarlathotep
 Xabec Dark Time Rising Electric Mandala: Pulses
Home I Hands 2001
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  Artist Title Album
 Wassermann W.I.R. Neue Heimat Vol.1
 Deichkind Ich betäube mich Aufstand im Schlaraffenland
 Andi Teichmann Wir gehen nicht nach Haus Neue Heimat Vol 3
•Implant Was It Always This Way (Leæther Strip Mix) Fading Away
 Tannhauser Virustrack Fuel (Tannhauser/Event Split CD)
 Орбита Так много Орбита 4
 Großstadtgeflüster Ich muß gar nix Muß laut sein
 The Minus 5 Aw Shit Man The Gun Album
 Stereolab Interlock Fab Four Suture
 Großstadtgeflüster Fehler Muß laut sein
 Abstract Avenue Champs Elesees Audio Port
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  Artist Title Album
 Klee Lichtstrahl Neue Heimat Vol 3 CD #2
 Großstadtgeflüster Luft und Liebe Muß laut sein
 ASCII Disco Einfach Neue Heimat Vol.2
 Transient Pinocchio Jazzhands Be EP
 Selffish Bare Poles Ena
 Boozoo Bajou Portland Woodchamber Juke Joint
 Yeht Mae True Belief Eam They
 Gary Numan jagged Hope Bleeds DVD
•In Strict Confidence Fading Light Exile Paradise
 Vromb Zentrum Maschinenfest 2000
 I, Cactus Green Cactus I, Cactus
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Ausgefallen wegen Fußballübertragung
  Artist Title Album
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  Artist Title Album
 Arrial Bitch Where's The Guns For The Love
 Izmar Before Walking Secular EP
 Taiga Blues Recycling Im kleinen Kreis
 Ben Businovski Dissolving Simulacraic Wonderland
 Unit 21 September, 10th September-October
 Izmar Funky Sitar Secular EP
 Delayscape Everybody Drops Everybody Drops EP
 Tim Koch Lighter Tonight (Remix) Elk Meadow EP
 Delayscape Portamento Portmanteau Everybody Drops EP
 Arrial No Good (Start The Chill) For The Love
 Akira Kosemura Forest In The Morning In a Distant Forest Somewhere EP
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  Artist Title Album
 The Minus 5 Original Luke The Gun Album
 Die Türen Autokaputt Das Herz war Nihilismus
 Chicken Lips He Not In Doin' It After Dark Vol.1
 Deichkind Limit Neue Heimat Vol 3
 Wassermann W.I.R. Neue Heimat Vol.1
 Baier-Box Binary (Frank Martiniq Remix) Boxing-Unboxing
 Chica & The Folder Daleko (Dinky Mix) Monika Force
•Implant Fading Away (Zombie Girl Mix) Fading Away
 South Bolero Scumm  
 Event Lights Fuel (Split CD)
 Kim Hiorthøy As If Melke
 Digitalism Zdarlight House Club Hottest 009
 Aleksi Eeben Avaruusmiehen pieni askel (Spaceman's Small Step) Avaruusmies kaukana kotoa (Spaceman Far Away from Home)
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  Artist Title Album
 Geneviève Pasquier Soap bubble factory Soap Bubble Factory
•Nullvektor Amphetamine Junkie Part Four Forms Of Hands 06
 Geistform New Test Maschinenfest 2004
 Camanecroszcope Xenthono-Rohmatru Echoes Ov Who Lieth Dead But E
 Moctan Mignon Musick
 In Slaughter Natives Death Only Death Mort Aux Vaches
 Antigen Shift Butob (There Is No Love In Your Violence) Maschinenfest 2003
 Mimetic Data Bitter Sensitive
 Needle Sharing Speed Champion Forms Of Hands 06
 This Morn' Omina Epoch Daruma
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  Artist Title Album
 Geneviève Pasquier Machine-Celebration Maschinenfest 2006
 Militia A Kite Of Glass In A Blood Red Sky Maschinenfest 2006
 Asche Addiction Maschinenfest 2006
•P.A.L Sleepless dssg-Sampler Vol.1
 Xabec No Disko Using Unused Methods
  Alban Eilir Maschinenfest 2006
 Needle Sharing Tell It To My Heart Maschinenfest 2006
 Winterkälte Science For A Better Profit Forms Of Hands 2005
 Black Lung Prema Maschinenfest 2001
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  Artist Title Album
 Geneviève Pasquier Blitzkrieg Baby Part 2 Virgin Pulses
 Y Pants Favorite Sweater New York Noise Vol.2
•Liquid Liquid Optimo New York Noise
 Dakar & Grinser Triumph Of Flesh Triumph Of Flesh
•Film School Pitfalls Film School
•Ai Phoenix Ice-Cold Storm Lean That Way Forever
 Vashti Bunyan If I Were Lookaftering
 Faithless Angeline Reverence
 Seachange Do It All Again Lay of the Land
 Dakar & Grinser Better Times Triumph Of Flesh
 M.Schaffhäuser ft. R.Taylor Hey Little Girl Neue Heimat Vol.1
 Smoke Blow Aus Stahl Dark Angel
 Andrew Coleman Not A Speculation (with Dose One) Tony Alva's Hair
 Mikkel Metal Accont Cassini Pieces
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  Artist Title Album
•Chameleons Less Than Human Script of the Bridge
•Interpol Evil Antics
 Other Day Du Gehst Künstler zum 14. Wave-Gotik-Treffen
 Devendra Banhart Heard Somebody Say Cripple Crow
 Geneviève Pasquier Pulse (Analogue-Mix) Virgin Pulses
 Abstract Avenue Se...VeN7 Audio Port
 Dakar & Grinser Dreams, Drugs, Nightmares Triumph Of Flesh
 Salvatore Roots & Weather Luxus
 TVS +Imma weita TVS 2
•Coldplay Talk X and Y
 Mono The Outsider Formica Blues
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  Artist Title Album
 Delaware Let Them Go Lost In The Beauty Of Innocence
 White Daughter Razor Wire Stiff With The Invisible
 Erdmöbel Ich wollte, die Welt ginge immer bergab (live) Für die nicht wissen wie (Bonus-CD)
 London After Midnight The Christmas Song Psycho Magnet (re-release)
•Zero Degree Rot Rot
 White Daughter C.I.T.Y. Stiff With The Invisible
 Rain On Bamboo The Man Who Would Be King Sleep & Poetry
 Taras Bulba Die Wahrheit Sketches Of Babel
 White Daughter Have No Mercy Stiff With The Invisible
 Boozoo Bajou Portland Woodchamber Juke Joint
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  Artist Title Album
 Die Raketen Tokyo Tokyo Neue Heimat Vol.3
•AG Geige Maximale Gier Trickbeat
 White Daughter Winter's Robe Stiff With The Invisible
•fusedMARc Funny Demo
 Cisfinitum Inland Landschaft
 In Slaughter Natives Tearing My Life Away Maschinenfest 2006
 Peter Paul & Mary Hush-A-Bye (All The Pretty Little Horses) In The Wind
 Cocteau Twins Tishbite Tishbite MCD
 Malice Mizer Color Me Blood Red Bel Air MCD
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