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Playlist 2005

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  Artist Title Album
 David Thomas & Two Pale Boys Numbers Man 18 Monkeys On A Dead Man's Chest
 Sheep On Drugs WCFM (Silicon Modulation Mix) Never Mind The Methadone
 Hecate Wanna Try Me Hate Cats EP
•Spherical Disrupted Melatonin »-∞ dB« Compilation
 This Morn' Omina Epoch »Daruma« Compilation
 Television Set Future Today  
 Blessing In Disguise Here Comes The Rain Again  
 Unto Ashes Beauty Queen Empty Into White
 Friends Of Dean Martinez Lost Horizon Random harvest
 Syria Black Coffee Logic Metroland I
 Blackmail The Light Of The Son Is The Son Of The Light Zilloscope 05/2003
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  Artist Title Album
•Sensorama New Aged »This Is Not The 80s« Compilation
•Wendy Carlos Winter Sonic Seasonings
•Spherical Disrupted Grau Null
 Vladislav Delay Demo(n) Cuts C Demo(n) Cuts
 color by numbers Endless Paper Oceans The Transitions
•Alice Mackay & Benfay Lighthouse Lighthouse EP
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  Artist Title Album
 Poulsen Alles Neu! Underground Explosion Vol. 4
 Brainticket Life's Mirror Alchemic Universe
 Brainticket Radagacuca Psychonaut
 833-45 Geomagnetic Disturbance Solar Cycle 23
•Spherical Disrupted Com Verbot Null
 Raquel de Grimstone and Friends Bong-Ra: Hecate is a Witch Shapeshifters - The Remixes
 Mlada Fronta XB-33 (Takshaka Remix) Maschinenfest 2000 Compilation
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  Artist Title Album
 Zoma Machine Blues Underground Explosion Vol. 4
 Die Krone Der Gastlichkeit I Must Have Been Blind Chronik
 Edward Ka-Spel Laughing Venus The Scriptures Of Illumina
 Sweet William A Face Without A Name Underground Explosion Vol. 4
 Kendra Smith Get There Five Ways Of Disappearing
 Die Apokalyptischen Reiter Sehnsucht  
 Bloodflowerz False Gods Künstler zum 12. Wave-Gotik-Treffen
 Cell Division Tanz Der Nacht
 Temple Of Rain Wicked Wicked
 Of Montreal Panda Bear The Bedside Drama
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  Artist Title Album
 The Prodigy Hotride Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned
 Le Tigre TGIF Feminist Sweepstakes
 Beep Beep I Am The Secretary Business Casual
 The Faint Birth Wet From Birth
 Sara Noxx Colder And Colder Tanz Der Nacht
 Lussia Fleur de mandragore Fleur de mandragore
 Bernhard Fleischmann & Herbert Weixelbaum pres. Duo 505 Nochwas Late
 Klee Nicht immer, aber jetzt Neue Heimat Vol. 4
 Chicks on Speed Fashion Rules! Neue Heimat Vol. 3
 The Faint Symptom Finger Wet From Birth
 Bernhard Fleischmann & Herbert Weixelbaum pres. Duo 505 Tsip Tsap Late
 Targa The Neonlights Neue Heimat Vol. 4
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Dropped by REL - Rescheduled on 03.08.2005
  Artist Title Album
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  Artist Title Album
 District Human Interaction Where The Bad Boys Rock
 Cho-Jin Schattenläufer Woanders
 Deadline Secrets Where The Bad Boys Rock
 The Faint I Disappear Wet From Birth
 Antichrisis Whole Lotta Love Perfume
 Psychopunch Hard To Belong Smashed On Arrival
 Antichrisis Wasteland Perfume
 John Leyton Johnny Remember Me The Roots Of British Rock
 Chandeen Impressions - La fruite de la lune Echoes
 The Go Find Summer Quest Miami
 Social Distortion Reach For The Sky Sex, Love And Rock 'n' Roll
 The Generators Crawling On Top Where The Bad Boys Rock
 Bloody Dead And Sexy Fingers Künstler zum 12. Wave-Gotik-Treffen
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  Artist Title Album
•Mimetic Be-At Sdaa33 Maschinenfest 2002 Compilation
 Greyhound Spectral Maschinenfest 2004 Compilation
 Winterkälte Greenwar Theme One (S.V.) Maschinenfest 2000 Compilation
•Alarmen S-Cape »-∞ dB« Compilation
•Spherical Disrupted Phobos »-∞ dB« Compilation
 Shorai The Unknown Country Maschinenfest 2003 Compilation
 Punch Inc. Smash (Wired Mix) Maschinenfest 2003 Compilation
 Xabec Sonar Seelenschiff
 Proyecto Mirage Onlineproduct Hands 2001 Compilation
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  Artist Title Album
 Transient Pinocchio Jazzhands Be EP
 Abstract Avenue Rama Audio Port
 Bohren & Der Club Of Gore Daumen Geisterfaust
 Salvatore Luxus Luxus
 Abstract Avenue Champs Elesees Audio Port
 Nulleins Wave Cyclism EP
 Grandma Sandy Point Spinach Gas Room Spaghetti Straps EP
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  Artist Title Album
 Kom-Intern Comsat Forms Of Hands 2005 Compilation
•S.K.E.T. Energija
 Greyhound Fault
 Mimetic Dancing Inauntru
 Saverio Evangelista Vortex
 ¥Π¥ Elastic Break
 Punch Inc. Battle Of The Rich
 Xabec Crash Travel
 5F-X Forms Of AFX
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Dropped by REL - Rescheduled on 06.07.2005
  Artist Title Album
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  Artist Title Album
 Yeht Mae True Belief Eam They
 Mental Destruction Descent Into Abjection Daruma
 Raquel de Grimstone and Friends Abelcain / Temple of the Lioness Shapeshifters - The Remixes
 Xabec The End Of Everything Electric Mandala (Morbid Landscapes)
•Wendy Carlos Spring Sonic Seasonings
 Abstract Avenue Jay Audio Port
 Polarlicht Signalkrieg Polarlicht 4.1
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Interview guest: Xabec.
  Artist Title Album
•Underwater Pilots Welcome To The World Tranquil Places
 Xabec Flimmer Maschinenfest 2002 Compilation
Sonar Seelenschiff
Dark Time Rising Electric Mandala (Pulses)
•Underwater Pilots Leaving Home Tranquil Places
 Xabec Snowline Electric Mandala (Floating)
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  Artist Title Album
 Wir sind Helden Müssen nur Wollen Guten Tag
 Peaches Lovertits Neue Heimat Vol. 2
 Miss Yetti Ganz Nah (Robert Goerl Remix) HiM-59
 Sheep On Drugs Strange Days (Money Mix) Never Mind The Methadone
 Trance Vision Steppers Weekend Steppa Tvs.2
 Benfay Bonnie Mandarin Carbon
•Clan Of Xymox There's No Tomorrow (album version) There's No Tomorrow MCD
 Cell Division Dirge For The Doomed (Album Version) Dirge For The Doomed MCD
 Bloody Dead And Sexy A Friend In Mescalin Künstler Zum 14. Wave-Gotik-Treffen
 DeadBolt Tijuana Hit Squad Tijuana Hit Squad
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  Artist Title Album
 Konrad Bayer Soon Now Songs For Sunhi
 833-45 Phosholmen Disca xi phosphe
Sulfur Gate
 Lomov Sommersumpf Holzwege
 Digitalverein Don't make me cry again Changes
•Spherical Disrupted Lakonisch Null
 Jean Michel A Completly Normal Improbability Crossways
 Marsen Jules Yara 02 Yara
 Digitalverein San Marco by night Changes
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  Artist Title Album
 This Morn Omina One Eyed Man Maschinenfest 2002
•Wendy Carlos Summer Sonic Seasonings
 Mimetic Data Destructive Sensitive
 Lektrogirl Progressive Euro Track I Love My Computer
 Transient Ace Be EP
 Salvatore Brugata Luxus
 DL Sputterfun Anthologie 1
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  Artist Title Album
 Client Radio City
 The Darling Buds It Makes No Difference Crawdaddy
 2raumwohnung Sexy Girl (Tiefschwarz Rmx)  
 Elfish Echo Dandelion Lodge Multiple Void Enjoyment
 The Faint Paranoiattack Wet From Birth
 Access Denied Monster Tanz Der Nacht
 Depressive Age Electric Scum Electric Scum
 Treponem Pal Unchained Higher
•Toyah Dream House Prostitute
 Erblast XIII Drittgeschlecht
 The Last Dance Terribly When Tanz Der Nacht
 Engelterror Vampires  
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  Artist Title Album
 Mental Destruction Descent Into Abjection Daruma
 Iszoloscope Epr01pk Maschinenfest 2003 Compilation
 Synapscape Load (mellow mix) Maschinenfest 2000 Compilation
 Orphx Breach  
•Klangstabil Pronto Luigi Gioco Bambino
 Sonar Second Breeze Counter Intelligence SubProject 01
 Contagious Orgasm The Gut-Wringing Machine Maschinenfest 2001 Compilation
 Morgenstern Hypnotized Cold
 Imminent Tsalp Maschinenfest 2002 Compilation
 Ah Cama-Sotz Sweet Fragrance Of Insanity Forms Of Hands 02
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  Artist Title Album
 Sons And Daughters Taste The Last Girl The Repulsion Box
 Cobra Killer L.A. Shaker Monika Force
 Chica & The Folder Daleko (Dinky Mix) Monika Force
 You Dee Punkass Rave Nur die Harten kommen in den Garten
 Le Dust Ducker Lick Lick  
 Giorgio Moroder I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone From Here To Eternity
 Barbara Morgenstern Eine Verabredung Monika Force
 Múm The Ballad of the Broken Birdie Records Yesterday Was Dramatic – Today Is Ok
 Devendra Banhart Lazy Butterfly Cripple Crow
 Acid Mothers Temple Paint It Black Painted Black
 Barbara Morgenstern Aus Heiterem Himmel (Dntel Mix) Monika Force
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  Artist Title Album
 Contaminant The Way We Twitch (mf mix) »Maschinenfest 2005« Compilation
 Mental Destruction XXXX »Maschinenfest 2005« Compilation
 Synapscape Rented Confession »Maschinenfest 2005« Compilation
 Orphx Austerity Measures »Maschinenfest 2005« Compilation
 Roger Rotor Turn Off To Mayem »Maschinenfest 2005« Compilation
 Kraken Amore »Maschinenfest 2005« Compilation
 Deutsch Nepal The Bird Of Steel The Bird Of Steel EP
 Ambassador 21 Elvis vs Batman »Maschinenfest 2005« Compilation
 Ah Cama-Sotz Ganzir »Maschinenfest 2005« Compilation
 Amon Düül II Deutsch Nepal Wolf City
 Sonar Lava »Maschinenfest 2005« Compilation
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  Artist Title Album
 Scumbucket To Be Like Eiszeit – Der Sampler
 Laub Erinner Kopflastig
•Wendy Carlos Fall Sonic Seasonings
 Atomine Elektrine Spleen Iconoclasma Of The Absolute Atom Xtension
•Dead Can Dance Towards The Within Music For The 90s Vol.5
 Gryphon Fall Of The Leaf Treason
 16 Horsepower Praying Arm Lane Secret South
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  Artist Title Album
•Interpol Slow Hands Antics
•Editors Blood The Back Room
 Ricochets Nobody Around The Ghost of Our Love
•The Aquabats Fashion Zombies! Charge!!
 Salvatore Roots & Weather Luxus
 Tocotronic vs. Console Freiburg V3.0 Neue Heimat Vol.1
 Client Leipzig Client
•Cobra Killer Mund Auf – Augen Zu (Stecker raus, ich dreh' durch) 76-77
 Cobra Killer & Kapajkos Helicopter US Navy 666 Das Mandolinenorchester
 Motion Trio Game Over Play-Station
•Interpol Length Of Love Antics
 The Chameleons Less Than Human Strip
 Cryptic Flowers I Put It All In A Box Demo 2002
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  Artist Title Album
 Gaë Bolg La Marche Des Morts Mystica Mysteria Comp. Vol.2
 Susan McKeown A Mhàire Bhruinneall Cryptichon Compilation
•Hedningarna Tina Vieri Trä
 Louis Tillet Transit of Venus Learning To Die
 Martin Hederos & Mattias Hellberg Soldiers Things M. Hederos & M. Hellberg
 16 Horsepower Black Soul Choir Sackcloth 'n' Ashes
 Värttinä Tammi (The Oak) Aitara
 This Mortal Coil Late Night Music for the 90's Vol.3
 Cocteau Twins Tishbite Tishbite MCD
 Sectorchestra People And The Things They Do No Morchestra
 Motionfield The Colour of Water Music for Pictures
 Shorai Fevaah (Placd Ed(It)) Forms Of Hands 2005
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  Artist Title Album
 Kate Bush December Will Be Magic Again  
 Cocteau Twins Winter Wonderland  
 Angelzoom Christmas Dreams  
 Project Pitchfork December Sadness  
•AG Geige Maximale Gier  
 Sparks Thank God It's Not Christmas  
 Fountains of Wayne I Want an Alien for Christmas  
 Tom Waits Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis  
 Mazzy Star Flowers in December  
 Tori Amos Winter (Frostbite Mix)  
 Telstar Ponies I Still Believe In Christmas Trees  
 Das Modul Weihnachtslied  
 The Walkmen No Christmas While I'm Talking  
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