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Due to legal amendments that are in effect in North Rhine-Westphalia since the beginning of 2008, Ohrbelag can no longer be broadcast as usual and has gone off air for now. - usch

Playlist 1996

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  Artist Title Album
 Doctor Butcher The Chair  
•The Slags Strychnine  
 Tom Angelripper Es gibt kein Bier auf Hawaii  
 Pyogenesis Twinaleblood  
 Plastic Venus Wait  
 Visit Venus Venus Beach Resort  
 The Sugarcubes Water  
 Sister Goddamn Love Potion 69  
Highland Ave.
 Sleep Chamber Salome (live)  
Justify My Love
 Mark Burgess & The Sons Of God Happy New Life  
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  Artist Title Album
 Bronx Boys Bronx Boys Go!  
 Radio Ethiopia Çökertme  
Le Bei
 Doughnuts Drowning  
 Bronx Boys Leichenzähler  
 Mastino Drehtür  
 Flugschädel Ösophagusvaritzen  
 Sielwolf Mein Weg zum Geschwür  
 Diary Of Dreams At The Border Of My Nation  
 Version Control Callback  
 Foyer Des Arts Flugstunden und Autostunden  
 Elastica Connection  
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Interview Guests: Gosh Music.
  Artist Title Album
 Our Lady Peace Starseed  
 The Residents Mickey The Mumbling Midget  
 Cocteau Twins Theft, And Wandering Around Lost  
 Kastrierte Philosophen Djamilia  
 Love Like Blood Sibirian Pandemonium  
 Wolfsheim Closer Still  
•De/Vision Dress Me When I Bleed  
 Gosh Music Hide A Wit Ska  
No One
 The High Llamas Checking In, Checking Out  
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Interview Guest: Joolz (Red Sky Coven).
  Artist Title Album
 Die Muskeln Einmal hat's gereicht  
 Secret Discovery Hello Goodbye  
 Joolz The Game  
Fuel To The Flame
The Kiss
Latest Craze
•Toyah Restless  
 Secret Discovery Ask Your God  
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  Artist Title Album
 Serpents Die Sonne  
 Digidub Nepturanous 200893  
 The Cain Principle Watersigns  
 The Vision Justify  
 The Busters Dead Or Alive  
 Run Dog Run Capital  
 The 3rd & The Mortal Atupoèma  
 Bellymen Black Hole  
 Blackhouse Totally Gone  
 Tori Amos Thank You  
 Only Love From Now 1 Very Deep  
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  Artist Title Album
 Dakota Dead Warrior  
 Wolfsheim Closer Still  
 The Dreamside This Quest  
 Apoptygma Berzerk Burning Heretics  
 Miranda Sex Garden Peep Show  
 Juniper Hill Animal Lab (Befreit)  
 Gene Loves Jezebel Upstairs  
 The Dreamside Troppo per del tempo  
•The Slags Strychnine  
 The Richies The Osmaniac  
 Stina Nordenstam First Day In Spring  
 Zoom Time A Good Fox  
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Interview Guests: GEhirn.
  Artist Title Album
 The Star Club Cool Or Suck  
 Cancer Barrack Beischlaf mit 60 kg Hackfleisch  
 Silence Gift No Sense (Radio Edit)  
 Matador Tote Stadt  
 Dein Cyan Himmel Ende  
 Spermbirds Desires And Wishes  
 V-Punk This Is Life  
 GEhirn Ihr  
Das falsche Spiel
 Sister Goddamn Tourniquet Of Roses  
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  Artist Title Album
 Sister Goddamn Aphid  
 Graue Zellen Wem die Geschichte gehört  
 Gunjah Whooze In Da House  
 Mindrot Burden  
 Kendra Smith Aurelia  
 Bellicoons Like A Circle  
 Lemonbabies Nothing I Can Do  
 Erdmöbel Das Beste vom Osten  
 Mobylettes Arrogant  
 Herr Blum Etwas  
 Silence Gift No Sense (Radio Edit)  
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  Artist Title Album
 The Cranberries Salvation  
 Qntal Frühling  
 In Mitra Medusa Inri Ocean Blue  
 Subway To Sally Der Traum vom Tod II  
 Lacrimosa Schakal  
 Cocteau Twins Tishbite  
 Informätik Silicon  
 Subway To Sally Der Sturm  
 Qntal Vos Attestor  
 In Mitra Medusa Inri The Circle  
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  Artist Title Album
 Girls Under Glass Fields Of Fire  
 Oomph Feiert das Kreuz  
 E-Craft Play My Game  
 Ionic Vision Synthetic Sex  
 Cytron Cyber Realm  
 Nearly God Poems  
 Sunday All Over The World Strange Girls  
•Toyah Jazz Singers In The Trees  
 Tocotronic Wir kommen um uns zu beschweren  
 Acrimony Spaced Cat #7  
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  Artist Title Album
 Tiamat Whatever That Hurts  
 Umbra Et Imago Sex statt Krieg  
 In Mitra Medusa Inri Emotion  
 Therion To Mega Therion  
 Amprphis Better Unborn  
 Atrocity feat. Das Ich Die Liebe  
 End Of Green Seasons Of Black  
 Michelle Shocked Looks Like Mona Lisa (Is Having A Bad Day)  
 The Daffodils All I Have To Do  
 Shapeshifter Song Of Dreams  
 Ukiyo Ukiyo  
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  Artist Title Album
 Suddenly, Tammy! Hard Lesson  
 Novak Seen Girlfriend  
 Hate Squad Not My God  
 Nearly God Poems  
 Secret Discovery One Good Reason  
 Dreadful Shadows Dissolution  
 Swans Ich sehe alle in einer Reihe  
 Derrière le Miroir Down On Me  
 Sabotage Q.C.Q.C. Goddess  
 Subway To Sally Krähenfraß  
 Dreadful Shadows Dusk  
 Nelsons Wedding Spuk  
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  Artist Title Album
 Sun Accelerator  
 T.A.S.S. Let's (Have A Chat - Mix)  
 Novak Seen Sobbing  
 Rock-A-Billy Mafia Die Nacht war lau  
 Broon Even Daydreams  
 Apoptygma Berzerk Burning Heretics  
 The Daffodils When She Smiles  
 Hölderlin Requiem für einen Wicht  
 Silence Gift Crossroads  
 Informätik Silicon  
 Paul Roland Ophelia  
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  Artist Title Album
 Calva Y Nada Cycyzoqui (Fight Back)  
 Dreadful Shadows Dissolution  
 ZK Hurra ich bin genormt  
 Subway To Sally Julia und die Räuber  
 dEUS Theme From Turnpike  
 Calva Y Nada Kalte Messer  
 Laibach Zrcalo Sveta (Das Spiegelglas der Welt)  
 Sovetskoe Foto Was She She  
 The Raincoats Pretty  
•Invisible Limits A Message  
 New Model Army Higher Wall  
 Umbra et Imago Kleine Schwester (Schwesterlein Mix)  
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  Artist Title Album
 All You Can Eat Iron Lung  
 Horace Pinker Youth Anthem  
 Albino Slug Vaffel  
 Origami Vedi  
 IC 434 Dogonthoughts  
 Alex Reece Candles (Blue Amazon Mix)  
 Cycloon Brainbox  
 Tryklok Garden Of Delight  
 Lussia From Chaos To Order  
 Shape Shifter Tick Tock Stop  
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  Artist Title Album
 Even Firesale  
 Ivan Kral Rains Again  
 Kevorkian Death Cycle Faithless  
 Raissa Sleeping Bugs  
 Qntal Ad mortem festinamus  
 Tracy Bonham Mother Mother  
 D.N.S. The Killing Grey  
 Johnny Mountain & Suzie Subway Like A Tree  
 Tripping Daisy Piranha  
 Downset Empower  
 Bronx Boys Bronx Boys Go!  
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  Artist Title Album
 Tripping Daisy Piranha  
 The Cranberries The Picture I View  
 Rainbirds Just A Simple Matter  
 Derrière le miroir Death Behind One's Brow  
 Sounds Of Medicine Zelzah  
 Lussia Rainy Day  
 Artwork Bring The Rain  
 dEUS Little Arithmetics  
 Blitz Babiez Silence  
 Cowboy Junkies A Common Disaster  
 Children Of No Return Sheryl  
 The Merry Thoughts House Of Rain (Kashmir Side Effects 1990)  
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  Artist Title Album
 Zero Tolerance Hear Me  
 Silke Bischoff Blue Eyes  
 Cranes Oreste et Électre  
Danse des Érinnyes
 Tripping Daisy Creature  
•The Slags Hippie Dream  
 Zero Tolerance Zero For All  
 Pulp Feeling Called Love (The Moloko Mix)  
 Silke Bischoff Waste Of Time  
 The Cranberries Free To Decide  
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Interview Guests: Silke Bischoff, the band who named themselves after a girl murdered at the age of 18 in 1988.
  Artist Title Album
 The Heart Throbs Hooligan  
 Silke Bischoff Waste Of Time  
Blue Eyes
The Church Bells And The Razor Blades
The Devil's Teeth
The Letter (unplugged) Recorded live during the interview
 Faithful Dawn Voices  
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  Artist Title Album
 Racer Ten Withdrawal  
 Lick 57's Das Loser  
 311 Down  
 Cucumber Men Ich kenn den Bruder  
 Blitz Babiez Portraits Of Chaos  
 Racer Ten Something  
 Pep Rally I Think We're Alone Now  
 Ganglords Bedroom Fanatic  
 Hell Mute Any Colours (Extended Mix)  
 Aghast View Torrent Haze  
 Duck, See Goose You Remember Even Me  
 Sirrah Acme  
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  Artist Title Album
 White Zombie Electric Head Pt. 2  
 Depressive Age Electric Scum  
 Funhouse Velvet Kiss (Cherry Mix)  
 Archive Londinium  
 Lamb God Bless  
 Ain't Suit Of Running Water  
 Ruby Tiny Meat  
 Doughnuts Drowning  
 Crank Punks A' A'right  
•AG Geige Maximale Gier  
 Moby Let's Go Free (Live 95)  
 Archive Ubiquitous Wife  
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  Artist Title Album
 The Merlons Of Nehemiah Romanoir  
 Ordo Equitum Solis Argentea Imago  
 John Parish & PJ Harvey Civil War Correspondent  
 Sarband Stella Splendens  
 Swandive Solitary Swimming  
If I Scream (808-Take)
 Tricky Christiansands  
 Die Shivas Love Or Confusion  
 Trinovox L'Albatros  
 The Cranberries When You're Gone  
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  Artist Title Album
 Stereolab We're Not Adult Oriented  
 Archive Londinium  
 Depressive Age Electric Scum  
•Implant Sect  
 Yeht Mae Lymka Says Don't Dream  
 Sabotage Q.C.Q.C. Wilde Kinder  
 Meat Beat Manifesto We Done It Again  
 Bums In dem Land, wo die Blödheit regiert  
 Sigurd kämpft Made in Germany  
 Depressive Age Smalltown Boy  
 Tricky Christiansands  
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  Artist Title Album
 Lost Image Madness  
 Cocteau Twins Heaven Or Las Vegas  
 Swandive Solitary Swimming  
 Canticum Funebris If I Had Wings  
 Attrition Lip Sync (aversion)  
 Xol Dog 400 Die Überraschung  
 Dreadful Shadows Dissolution  
 Sweet William Sweet Smile Glow  
 PJ Harvey & John Parish That Was My Veil  
 Cocteau Twins Oil Of Angels  
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