You can find some pieces of software here that I wrote. It's all "quick and dirty" stuff that I made because I needed it and couldn't find it anywhere. I put it here because it might be useful for someone else.

There is no charge, and there is no support. Use everything at your own risk. If you find a bug or would like to see some special feature added, feel free to e-mail me anyway.

Download  MP3 export filter for Cool Edit 96 and Cool Edit Pro Save MP3 files directly from Cool Edit. Based on the BladeEnc DLL (written by Tord Jansson <>) you can save with bit rates from 32 to 320 KBit/sec. 

Also writes ID3v1 tags: 
RIFF field ID3 field
Original Artist Artist 
Name Title
Genre Genre
Original Medium Album
Creation Date Year
Comments Comment

  more to come....
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